Monday, February 22, 2016

Moving Blogs

Yes I have come to the realization that I just cannot manage so many different blogs !
So I am moving all my writings over to my business blog for now .
I will still do my writing on abuse , health , magic , culture  homeschooling, gardening , chicken escapades  etc.
I just need to get it all contained & organized .
Eventually I am hoping I can have a shop organized once I open up my practice .
so you can reach me via the
Womb of Willow blog from now on

Monday, April 2, 2012

Teen Homeschooling ~ Hide Tanning workshop

This past Saturday Wise Owl & I attended a hide tanning course we'd signed up for a few months back .
Homeschooling Wise Owl has always been an adventure as he is often high needs . Mostly meaning he likes hands on and activity ☺
So when we find something he is interested in such as swimming , gardening and wilderness survival we try and encourage him into these activities as much as we can .
I have to say I was a tad worried about spending 3 hrs driving each way with a 16yo which I tend to butt heads with . Yet I am happy to report with only the odd timeout from listening to The Who ( did I mention he has discovered classic rock ?) The drive amazing . I don't get to see much of the prairie anymore as when we go up to our place we tend to hit forest 1/2hr out of the city .
I'd forgotten about the Carberry Hills and on the way home we experienced that beautiful prairie sunset .
So in unschooling this teenager as I said we're finding out ds16 interests . He just thrives learning this type of thing . We actually got 5 pages of notes too and oodles of photos as well .
When we first arrived the instructor Dwayne Logan gave us some general info and instructions on the wet & dry scraping methods and the steps in which to tan the hides , weather you want to have rawhide, buckskin or have one side hide and fur remain.
We took note of the construction of the stand that is used for fleshing

Dwayne explained the how and where to  cut in order to skin the animal , again depending if one wants the fur to remain or not .
He also explained how to extract the brain for tanning hides. All animals have enough brain to tan each hide except for Bison he said which for some reason take a bit more .

Wise Owl was awesome at all the steps .
I was not . I also now know I cannot tolerate the fleshing stench especially wet scraping .
We all have our areas we will be more comfortable working in and good at . I much prefer the braining , smoking & sewing stages .

He just zipped through both the dry & wet scrapings of the fur . I could barely make a dent in it even with my full force .

Then came the step where we rub in the brain water which was cooked then cooled to luke warm . Dwayne said to do this 3-4 times .
Then we are to wring out as much moisture after each braining
Then stretch it out , then brain it again

Wise Owl was very good at this

and then the stretching the skins together as a group was lots of fun .

 Lots of grabbing & gabbing lol

until we were left with this beautiful soft piece . Now if one does not brain enough I think the result is hard stiff skin . because one of the groups skins was hard and Dwayne said it would have to be rebrained .

Then the skin is sewn up into a tube and smoked . Dwayne explained direct and indirect smoking . this is direct , where in direct would be like in a smoke house or tipi ( tee pee ?)

You can see his little smoker and old cut off jeans he used as a tube

He then showed how to pound the sinew so it separates
This collect from the back of the leg and along both sides of the spine . He also said that if it gets wet it turns like glue and one need not even use knots . Now I think I know why in traditional bead work women did not tie knots !

He explained how the hide is 3 dimensional .This important to know when cutting pieces out for clothing .

I wish I had gotten a better shot at the shirt he'd made , it was the softest buckskin I've felt .
I'm sure there may be bits I've forgotten already so really glad I took down those notes!
This boy really has blossomed the last two yrs he pretty much works almost full time , completed all his swim levels & instructor course , has taken the model forest workshops and is signed up yet again for the wilderness survival course .
He wants to learn hunting & trapping skills this fall and he has just been given a nice big garden to mange this summer . He's already sprouted his tobacco seeds ( for ceremonial use only )
I really should lax up on him when he lets lose with the AC DC , I mean we all rebel to some extent as teens .
My Mum told me it for her it had been sneaking downstairs to play her uncle's recordings of  Beethoven's 's sonatas , when they left the house on Sundays lol !

Monday, February 13, 2012

Spiritual learning ~ little ones

It is no secret I love teaching children Spiritual practices .
I am so blessed I have had the chance to teach our own , children of others via catechism etc. and now our own beautiful little grandson !
He loves to speak of magic and the creator so much ! He loves creating with his granny .
I am beginning to make a prayer book or BOL with him .
this is similar to Emily Dickison's Herbarium  with a spiritual twist .
A book where he can paste in plants and write down his special prayers for his intentions .
So this past weekend he helped me make a special candle for his Mum
Something I'd meant to do two weeks ago but hey , everything happens when the time is just right .
So the photo above is grandson mixing the combo of items we chose .

we then took a candle and inscribed it with symbols

he liked this part . bathing the candle

we then placed the candle with the corn dollie and god's eye on the altar .
I think this is more the right timing because apparently Feb12th was Brede's day not Feb.2 nd .
anyway we had fun and this went really well with our conversation earlier in the day .That is how we learn all the time . He attends daycare and school and wondered how people learn if they don't go to school ;-)
His granny taught him well I think ♥

Rain Stick Activity

I finally got to make the rain sticks with mr. silly ridiculous the other day when he came over !
there were several ways to make online but I chose the one at Enchanted Learning
Can You believe I am now using that site for my grandchild !! 

So both the boys each painted an old paper towel tube . I really wanted to use the holiday wrap tubes but good luck from saving those from sword fights lol

Then big Uncle decided he needed the carders . No I said they are fun but we do not need wool for this activity lol

Now it did call for aluminum foil which I did not have . So I cut up aluminum pie plates to crinkle up . However they can be sharp so I did not let grandson do this . He traced the rainstick tops onto brown paper

They were already to fill .Top of one end of stick with paper or like we did cut fabric circles and attach with rubber bands . Much easier than waiting for glue to dry .  Places strips of foil inside stick then add the bits of rain ☺ We used rice , red lentils & navy bean .

Then just top off the other end and they are ready !

He gave one of the sticks that Uncle made to his bigger brother ♥

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Candlemas Candles

I felt so blessed today as our dd 25 called to see if our grandson mr.silly ridiculous could come over .
My answer , YES !
We only had a few hrs. so what to do . he also had a cough developing so our thought of going out of town was not going to happen .
Well we are also having him next weekend so his Mum can go curling , so I decided just to fit in one of those activities in today .
Lol I always over plan activities with him so I know this would work out well .
I planned to make Candles with him for our Candlemas celebration and dd dedication to ST.Brigid & Danu
I actually was quite surprised at how lovely they turned out .
I of course forgot to take photos of our fun until we were all finished !

First off I had him go through granny's apothecary cupboards and chose the herbs, flowers and trees he felt his Mum would like .

I had gone to the bee store to purchase the beeswax sheets earlier in the week

Is this not so pretty the shadow of the plants on the wax sheeting 

We crushed a mixture of the plants he chose and we dusted the sheet with this mix .Then we placed the wicking on the end closest to our side of the wax sheet .You just have to press it in and your hands warm the wax so the wick just stays in place . You then just continue to roll up the wax with the herbs inside .

Once the candle was all rolled up we sprinkled just flower petals on the table and rolled our candle in them .As your hands warm the candle the flowers stick to it .

Again they just turned out so pretty I think his Mum will be happy ☺

When we were all done he still wanted to play and he discovered his uncle's volcano project .

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bedside Reading Challenge

Yes , I am going to try and partake in yet another reading challenge !
Each Month Chari ( I think this is how it works ) shall choose a random letter from the alphabet . We are to chose a book off our bedside shelf or nearest shelf that begins with that letter .
This month of January 2012 the letter M has been chosen .
I honestly hope I can do this one because it is actually encouraging me to read those books I already have .
I know January is almost over but I'm still joining in because I've a half finished book Mythologies by William Yeats that I started 3 months ago and just left .
I have so many books by my bed so I am limiting this to the one small handmade bookshelf my grandfather made . they are my own books where the others which are strewn round the bed are often mags , poetry or library books .
I don't know if this will encourage me to use what I have and not purchase so many books or not but it is worth a shot lol .

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Preparing ~ Candlemas/Imbolc Recipes & Crafts

I'm beginning to prepare our Imbolc crafts & recipes .
This is a big day for us as it is also the birthday of our ds23 Dacotah . Who moved back to our city this past Autumn to attend school .
I am slowly preparing a lovely dedication to Brigid for our dd25 who is taking the steps towards becoming a Midwife !
Brigid Goddess & Saint Brigid are both connected to Midwives, pregnant women , birth & nursing ☺

I love this book by Cait Johnson and think I will do the rainstick craft with my grandson
check Your library as it is a popular book here is the same craft at Enchanted Learning

All Year Round has some neat candle crafts and although I have beeswax for melting I think I will purchase the sheets to do candle craft with my grandson
gather herbs and purchase wax sheets , &  wick . just sprinkle wax sheet with herbs or flowers , use a hair dryer to warm the sheet a little if you like to make the sheet a little easier for little hands to roll
I'll try and post photos the day after we do the activity .
I also hope to do this Waldorf candle craft Thanks to Nissa and her Family

Yes I will usually always use this book in our festival posts ! As usual there are stories , a song and recipes .
This year I am making the Ginger Beer recipe !
My sil has been making Ginger Beer from the recipe from the book Wild Fermentation and for those who love fermented things and vinegar type flavour you will love that recipe as my dh did . However I do not like fermented things nor vinegars with the exception of very mild rice vinegar .
 So this recipe is a yeast one and a sweet one . It takes about 2-3 days to be ready . 

Although this book does not have actual activities specific to candlemas aside from candle making there are spring songs and poems , the story of Persephone

I am not using an activity this time from Earthways but it is such a wonderful book I do not want to leave it out
and it does have several gardening activities . We are a tad early for spring here as winter can be 4 more months .However I almost always do this activity with the ids which my Mum always did with us ☺

That is purchase bulbs and plant them with the kids

 You can use either pots with potting soil or use stones placed in cake pan , pie plate etc. place bulbs on top and water the pan .

I also am planning that along with the Brigid's cross acitvity I will also make God's Eye Craft with the kids .
If You want an adult version check this out ! Just awesome

I am excited about this recipe book I found at the library .
I am going to make several of the recipes  for ds23 birthday The Walnut Onion Bread , Crustade of Chicken . The book does not include but I am making an old fashioned Custard pudding too .
For the dedication for our dd I am making the Moon Cookies in a crescent shape .

I also love love this book !
I always make the Brede's Braid Bread recipe .
This is also the book I learned my true form of Divination biblomancy it is a really good read .

and of course we will watch Groundhog Day for Dacotah's celebration ☺

It is also of course the day Jesus was dedicated in Jewish tradition and when Dacotah decided to be baptized all those yrs ago he took the name Jesus as a confirmation name .

As I mentioned I am getting ideas from several sources to have a nice dedication for my dd
perhaps the fairy wine or a dairy source for the drink to go along with the theme of nursing Mother . I think I may also make a Brede's bed and a special prayer candle using specific herbs .
I'm still looking for an appropriate incantation .I may make my own ☺