Monday, February 25, 2008

A Taste of MX

The package of goodies we ordered for our class arrived today !

We ordered pins , calenders , clay tablets all with OLG image they are are just beautiful . Also zote soap and violet gum really takes us back

This is senor amigo

little catrina she has a beautiful pink feather in her hat ;-)

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Birthday Girl

Birthday Jasmine is a wee bit tired after work ;-)

The happy couple

Ok I lost count of how many candles lol there should be 22

Silly ridiculous loves this fun !

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring projects begin

Yes ! Finially ! After such a long winter of many many days of minus 40c the long awaited seed plant has begun
This is a baby lavender ;-)

Our first official bloom !

geranium , portulaca and pansy beginning to sprout new leaves we hope

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Winter Feast

This was our meal for Louis Riel Day .Stew, Bannock and Lavender pound cake

Lavender pound cake turned out superb ! Decorate always with lavender buds and rose petals .We thought it'd go well with the french side of the metis culture If You'd like the recipe please write us

Valentines cookies a fun project and we often make lavender one as well

Bannock is so good when fresh

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Road Trips

This is the ultimate Snow Dog

Full of Joy practicing his skills

Hill rolling is fun anytime of yr.

Dad son & dog best day ever ;-)

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Winter fun

This is our Valentines mess ;-)

What child has not made a cool ramp for thier cars lol

Granny I love Yogurt Popcicles

Teaching Silly Ridiculous how to play board games ;-)

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Special Prayers

This silly ridiculous praying with Mother Teresa ;-)

This is my prayer time

This is a statue my dear friend Sara got me

special prayers for healing a friend & our statue that broke we are burying on the land and blessings for our property etc.

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Fun projects

This is a little oak table I began stripping in the summer . Yes I'm slow lol

All stripped and sanded & oiled ready to use come spring ;-)

This is a mahogany board I carved about 6 -8 yrs ago ;-) meant for a small altar . I use the back as a cutting board

This is the carving all nicely oiled ;-)

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Crafty Time

These are my carrying bags

This is my bag for copal which represents protection & spruce which represents healing

This is my personal prayer stick and carrying bag the stick is red diamond willow found on our property

Carrying bag and stones . The brown stone was given to me by my Grandmother & I just love frogs

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