Saturday, May 17, 2008

little update

Hi All , sorry there have been no recent posts .
We've been without computer for almost two months now .
van , plumbing & computer all went witnin a week so as you can guess computer is last on the agenda for now ;-)
we've all been out in the garden even though spring has sprung rather late here .
I found the milk weed coming up and we hope to entertain many monarchs once again.
We've had a new fire pit given to us via great aunty Margeret .
Passport photos all done and applications being mailed next week .
I've decided to discontinue our other blog as I feel it to much to keep up two blogs .
Getting ready for the new homeschool curriculum fair again this year I'm sharing a table with my sil who also is a veteran homeschooler ;-) & I'm writing articles for the homeschool newsletter
Kids recieved communion and will be confirmed this october .
We had a hawk come and take away our little brown mouse very exciting nature study
I've been listening to a new duo I found Bet.e & Stef . I really love thier stuff bosa nova ( if I spelled that correctly )
We are all looking forward to getting out of the city again and the boys are signed up for swim lessons at the lake once again . Ok as of may 4th weekend there was still ice on the lake lol so lets prayer we get a bit of a heat wave ;-)
As far as homeschool goes I've almost enough saved to purchase our next yr of sonlight materials and have a great mushroom book on the boreal forest from the U of SK .
Gramma continues the cause against ATVs in the forest lets pray there will be an all out ban this yr.
So yes all is well I'm enjoying our down time from computer . Library and friends/ family have been sufficient for now and really helpful keeping my goals of writing etc. on track .
We'll be up and running again by june hopefully .
Until then have a wonderful month of May .