Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Midsummer

We're a tad late with our midsummer blessings but summer is here in full that is for sure.
I'm having trouble loading images using this dial up system . Summer began with the seewt scent of wild plum & choke cherry blossoms . Since then the field is full of buttercups, daisies & clover .
We had an abundance of wildlife . The birds are the most noticable from Osprey eagles and hawks to the canary couple and humming bird that come each morning to the ferns under our window ;-) PD was so happy to see two big brown bunnies nibbling on clover outside the door this morning .
The children and Gramma even saw a lynx as have many others . It is quite tamed as it walked on down the road and right into the yard to tease the dog lol .
There has also been as each yr there always is a lesson in the cycle of life as we've seen two carcasses washed up on the beach. First a huge pelican which is now only bones, beak & feet . Yesterday a small deer washed up and this morning the crows were announcing it this morning to all the forest .
We had a lovely midsummer . I made a lemon poppy seed cake with lemon creamcheese icing then decorated with the few rose pedals I managed to pick ;-)
The blueberries will be very plump this yr as we';ve had loads of rain plus hot weather .
We are re-reading magic by the lake as this younger generation has not read the Edgar Eager books yet . We also have been using the old Babar books for our narration and vocab this week .
I'm once again reading the people's guide to MX as I do each summer . My mum does this with my family and other animals she just informed me ;-)
The boys have made fishing nets and built a shelter and more to come I'm sure .
once again sorry no photos for all you visual learners ;-) I ' ll try again next week until then Much Love & have a wonderful peaceful summer

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fairy Places

With moss driftwood , honeysuckle & rose one can't help but want to be small ;-)
so peaceful see the little chimes ;-)

This birch bark round makes such a shady way

This is my ongoing project a shade garden I began last summer .So far just the himilaian impatients have come up .

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Buggy life

I love spring because it adds endless finds for the children This is PD's little bug pitfall trap which is basically a container buried in the earth with a cover for shelter over top

This is the moth PD & Dad found while out humting for spruce last weekend the wing unfortunetly was severly damaged I think this is a luna moth from the pics I saw on Theresa's blog

the body was so interesting really fluffy .

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Yes once again I had the brillent idea I'd refinish something . Ok this is officially it . lol never again ok. I'm putting all my prayer works in here for beadwork , prayer sticks , holy oil, water etc.

I am really happy with this outcome ;-)

Now I just need begin the sanding & oiling .

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This is my little Mary Garden . This yr. I have filled it with Pansies we started in the house . I have dedicated it this yr in memory of greatgreat Aunty Pansy who passed away last summer .

This is the statue of Momma Mary my friend Sara found me in the states .I brought her outside as she is not made of plaster

This is my little garden of herbs and flowers dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus . My friend Mary discovered this pic last yr at a flea market .

This is a little fairy house

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Spring Thaw

Ok Jojo you can do it lol . This is just a little run off creek from the ditch to the lake is she not a brave little girl ;-)
ok once again let us get those ATV off the beach

Suprisingly he did not get wet !

I just loved this pic. the ice did not leave the lake until the last week of May this yr.

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well I've gotten a chance to get some pics up and going to post a few spring beginnings . This is my little rose bush fairy house corner dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus ;-)

This is Dad's ice rink all gone

Ok I had no idea my dh left me this mess to clean up ! Old pumpkins straw driftwood you name it its in there .

No one else to blame for this mess but me lol Our woodpile sort of spraed out over the winter season

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