Thursday, July 31, 2008

A few things

I just wanted to drop in quick to let you all know I found the most wonderful mags the other day at the book store ! Each mag is published by the same family but each has its own specific view topics etc.

the first is

natural child mag second is natural life mag my fav right now is life learning

another mag I absolutely love is the ideals magazine which appears to be out of print now :-(

My friend gave me a few copies as a birthday gift several yrs ago and I treasure them .

Buy them used if you see them .

We've been having a wonderful summer reading and I just finished Love in a Time of Cholera

Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of my fav authors ;-)

The kids and I've been reading Magic by the Lake again

Babar and His Children we found the original version my copy as a child !

All Year Round contains the story of The Rusty Dirk

Prairie Summer is next on our list

I've also taken out several books on Cabins from the library as well on outdoor kitchens

I am more convinced then ever CM learning is the route for us and ordered the book

A Charlotte Mason Education .It is one book I'd not read yet but it is a wonderful read very sweet and simple ;-)

The boys are off to camp next week and we are then planning on picking sweetgrass and attending the powwow at the scantebury first nation

Hope You all are enjoying the wonderful summer season . See you in the fall . God Bless .

Hop along froggie

Yes we have frogs !!! Ok out at the lake we did have great huge frogs to play with but these are actual frogs morphed from tadpoles ! Rita gave us tadpoles in May at the homeschool resource fair . All survived and all but one have changed into little bitty froggies ;-)
They appeared so big as tadpoles but now are such wee creatures

Ok this little one is so cute he is poking out of a hole

this is our stuborn tadpole he is so plump we are not sure what is making him take so long .

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Holy Days

This is a beautifl shell a dear friend gifted me with . Inside is the image of Our Lady Mount Carmel with St.Simon & ST.Therese
This is the image of Our Lady Guadalupe in Our Mary Garden

This is the refinished shelf it turned out beautifully . The lily is a breed I dedicated to a dear friend . this breed is gorgeous Jacqui ;-)

Nature's art willow & spruce

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Nature Days

A wonderful harvest of grape leaves

Gramma & blueberries , yes she made a pie ;-)

This an old rain tank which now is a froh habitat lol

Now this is a prize of the day ! I still have to look it up in our mushroom fungi book

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Days

Every Cottage should have such a greeting ;-)

Asperagus & birds nest

Morning walks

The Lazy Brothers ;-)

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

True Devotion

As we are back in the city now I am preparing our home this week . I felt compelled to do a short writting on devotions we have . It seemed appropriate as well as I do not have vocab this week from a book and thought perhaps vocab from the catholic dictionary would be good choice to go along with the topic of true devotion .
We have many devotions come to us over the yrs. we often use symbols to show this . Such as this beautiful climbing rosebush which sends us countless amounts of roses . This is dedicated to our miscarried babies( 9 little angels ) and Our Lady Guadalupe . The yr we lost baby Diego Romero it was a cold cold fall .All roses had faded & died long ago . As a sign of comfort to us after he had been laid to rest and prayers said around the bush that same week it began to bloom well within the weeks of harvest time . So we express our care and gratitude to Our Lady Guadalupe by caring for this lovely bush it gives me countless blooms for drying .
This is how a devotion comes to us . So beautiful .
I dedicated this little garden to the sacred heart which protects us each day watching over our home and guiding us to always have clear focus on our daily journey .
I have devotion to the 7 dolores of our lady prayed both morning and night . This is a devotion to bring joy from sorrow it is not for those who suffer depression etc. it is not to make us be sad or focus on being miserable but rather with Momma Mary we find comfort & joy in our suffering to overcome all suffering for Him His work and our true devotion is pure and real ;-) I have devotion to the Holy Spirit in which I am given discernment and true guidence for which springs forth my never ending gratitude for this beautiful journey .
Our Lady Mount Carmel comes to us for protection of innocence and purity of children & the restoration of this to those who have been abused .
Our Lady of Charity of Cuba & Knock reminds us we are to bring perfect charity His Mercy to others who feel unloved , lost and broken .
Our Lady Fatima & Lourdes helps us when we are sent a lost & broken soul . The Fatima prayer is such a wonderful prayer and Our Lady pops it into my head at all hrs. day or night , walking or riding a bike lol
Along with these true devotions we have the saints and angels who often are the first to guide us . It was Padre Pio who helped lead me first to the devotion of the sacred heart when facing intolerance of others and isolation in prayer . It is Juan Bernardino always who leads me to healing hands of Jesus for the sick and the elderly . It is ST.Therese & ST.Simon who led me to Our Lady Mount Carmel & the Holy Face of Jesus .
In the Disciples of Jesus and Mary this is exactly how we come to be who we are called to be by following and discipling via Momma Mary & the saints & angels to come to Him . It is often Momma Mary who returns people to thier church & restores the virtue of faith by discipling us to Him when we are to afraid to approach . So this is why it so important to value these true devotions cherish them show them the respect they deserve ;-)
A wonderful book we use within DJM is true devotion to Mary it is a wonderful inspiration for us .
I hope you enjoy our summer pictures and our learning and growing with Him . This is True Devotion ~ Amen
This is my little mini Mary garden the pansies or rather johnny jump ups I planted from seed in memory of great great aunty Pansy have all begun to bloom !!

This combo turned out much better then I realized . Daisies and lilies do go very well together

This is my fav prayer spot aside from the lake that is ;-)

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Family Fun

Is the best fun not free ;-)

Who's that lol

Grampa enjoying his first beach day of the year

run PD run ;-)

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Beach Play

This was our attempt of a lean to lol after being attacked by mosquitos retrieving cedar branches we gave up and returned to our towels blankets and water activities

This was the scale model lol

A great spot for a Momma dog ;-)

A great spot for a Momma too ;-)

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Beach Pics

A outdoor pump can provide hours of fun play

we are forever finding old jaw bones with teeth intact


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Beach Days

Living at the lake is not all sand & water . It means rose pedals for jam making & decorating yummy cakes ;-)

This is great great Gramma's iris growing wild in amongest the birch trees

Old shed

wasp larvae from nest found in old shed

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Beach Pics

Woodpile & Bikes true summer at the lake

This is the view I'd wake up to each morning with plump robin and mrs. bunny eating clover

Summer House

This is a beautiful craving of the Holy Family we purchased at the seniors tea this spring .

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