Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer's End

Yes we are getting in a few good last swings . I'm trying to organize our school room getting the dried sage and flowers done .I've ordered some good fall books from the library and just some good books for me as well . I'll post a few fall ideas we're working on but dh has the first week in sept. off ! So we are leaving for a harvest forest pick this week. So will add upon our return ;-) I'm planning on doing a moccasin workshop so stay tuned

This is a fresh harvest from Aunty Summer's garden ;-)

Fresh Chamomile from the garden of His Sacred Heart ;-)

Clothesline ? More like Harvest line lol

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Friday, August 8, 2008

A simple View for the simple life

I came upon this spot after our sage pick it just made life seem so clear a clear focus

The blue asters are all out now

I found this little skirt at the second hand .Traditionally women are to wear a skirt while picking . Most of us in mosquito country wear it over pants .

My two darlings ;-)

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A Day of Sage

My Little dogs and I went sage picking yesterday while the boys are off at camp. Here is the view from our spot and little jojo laying on her bed of sage .

Yes every outing I do find a stick . I prayed the rosary under the beautiful pines

Very magestic no wonder this tree represents protection ;-)

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