Tuesday, September 30, 2008

placing the sole

This is the bottom outside of the moccassin where I will place the sole . Now this is the cheaters way you add some white glue to the sole when placing it so it will stay still while sewing . You can see how I've placed it just above where the heel of the foot will be and just under the tip of the toes . We then begin sewing with a strong thread , waxed thread or even dental floss ;-) use a good leather needle if you can . Our next step is to cut out the lining and glue in place . Try and find a nice thick flannel or a fluffy lining like that of an old parka etc.

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Now that we have all our pieces cut if any beadwork is to be done now is the time to do it ;-)
I love colour and beads come in many colours . My most fav beadwork is the woodland cree designs however I usually only make simple circle or diamond for babies moccassins . When doing beads if you wish to make a pattern for your beads especially if it is a more complicated design use graph paper. Each small square represents one bead . I did this when doing a thunderbird on ds vest . many people have thier own way of beading but the way I was taught you most often put 4 beads on at a time . you fasten them in place then come back up through the last two beads threading you thread through them and then adding on your new 4 beads and just keep repeating this cycle . it just re-enforces the beadwork on the leather .

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Friday, September 26, 2008


Ok I actually did it lol .I got the pieces cut and the beginning of the bead work done . Here are the peices I posted earlier placed on the sleeve of the jacket

I then cut them out . Ok here is a really important tip . Bwe sure and cut two of each piece because other wise you end up with only one moccassin lol . Yes I made that mistake today ;-) Forgetful granny lol

This will be the sole sewn to the bottom of the moccassin . Really the leather this suede jacket is so thin I probably should not have used it but it is a demo .The sole is out of moose hide and thicker . So this is the pattern for the sole placed on moose hide

The cut sole placed on the bottom of the moccassin . Ok here is a little cheating thing all moccassin grannys do it ;-) you can take a bit of white glue and glue down the sole to the moccassin in the place you wish it to stay on . The same thing goes for the lining you wish to use .We always glue it gently to the moccassin to keep it in place while sewing just makes it a bit easier while sewing .
So the next post I will show the beadwork and sewing down the sole ;-) Have fun .

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Moccassin Making

I'm trying to make a pair of moccassins for grandson for Christmas gift . I thought it'd be fun to post the work and progress as it goes. It has been about 15 yrs since I made a pair ;-)
So first off you need your supplies . I have a leather needle but with soft suede you can get by using a good sharp thinker needle . I also have wax coated thread this helps the thread pass thru the leather best but a good very thick cotton thread or get this waxed dental floss even works . Then my beads for beading if you plan on doing bead work you will need beading thread , beading needle and beads of course .Your leather for little ones is best if it is deer or moose . I also just buy old suede jackets at the second hand ;-). Then you need the volunteer foot and a piece of paper and a pen for tracing your pattern.
Here is our little silly ridiculous letting granny trace his foot.Trace all around the foot making an oblong shape and about 1/2 in space around the edge . This space ends up being the sides of your moccassin .

This is the pattern of the foot. Your bottom piece .

Cut your bottom piece out and I like to fold it in half to trim the edges so both sides are even .also I then know where the center is . Draw a small line in the center at the very back of the foot pattern about 1/2in then a small line across that same about 1/2 in. When cutting this out in leather this is where the heal is and makes the back of your moccassin .

This is the tongue . It is basically just a narrower smaller oblong piece . I like to make it long so there is plenty to tuck in when you wrap up the little feet . This is the piece if you are doing any bead work .

This piece is wrap around , it is just a long rectangle piece . Make it long enough as you can always trim it shorter later .

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn Blessings & Moccassin making

Yes I am going to attepmt to post instructions on making moccassins . Oh Autumn is so so lovely . I've oredered us a day od tyhe dead craft book and have been out picking with the boys many acorns rosehips and grapevines .I'm not sure if you can see the picture of the child and bluebird it was from our great aunty Pansy's cottage which her ds is selling this yr. The oil lamp was also from her . So the pic of little moccassins are below just to give an idea of what I will try and post

This pair of moccassins has been thru 3 sets of feet . 3 toddlers so they really hold up well . I tend to like moose hide best but deer is also good for babies . I have an old suede jacket I am cutting up and I will try and find a nice flannel or fluff to line it with . If you are in warmer countries or areas a lining is not needed . if you are making for toddler -adult it is wise to put an extra piece on the bottom for strength so the sole does not wear out to quickly . I will post the pattern pieces tomorrow or the next day . Bear with me as I also have a two yo on board lol .

the first set with bead work is made of moose hide and has a nice fluffy lining . The second are deer skin and store bought no lining .
A tip we will always sew on beadwork and the extra sole before sewing the actual pices together so if you need by beads do it now .

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Friday, September 12, 2008

into Autumn we go

We had a lovely day the other day meeting a few new homeschool friends and kite flying . Yes we made our own kits , however we also brought along a few store bought types as well ;-)
We are off to the forest this weekend as I am under the weather after a bad head col;d . So recovery is in much need as next week we begin cleaning out the garden and mocassin making . We are studying American /Canadian history / geography again this yr. via sonlight , ambleside etc. including our fav blogs and websites .
We have begun slowly and still enjoying the out of doors very much . I agree with my grandmother children should not be stuck indoors during sept.
We are reading Paddle to the sea , a lion to guard us and walk the world's rim . We've made apple butter from pioneer days activity book and have been watching all the little house re-runs on tv ;-) . We are going to begin making moccassins next week and I make the objibway style and will make a small baby pair as this goes the fastest . You can use fabric to start with for practicing not leather . I am enjoying reading Susan Wittig Albert's books . I absolutely love China Bayle's Book of Days & just finished An Unthymely Death We also continue to read books by one of our fav authors Paul Goble . I have been drawn to ST.Collen lately and my fav all time book on saints is Way of the Saints by Thomas Cowan it is only avaliable used now so grab it up if you find it as this book truely is a keeper ;-)
For actual schooly work we are covering basic math facts this yr in addition and subtraction for sunshine boy and division / multiplication review for adventure boy . I am using singapore math but also absolutely love these workbooks that are really reasonable and the boys love The Complete Series our kids love em and they are cheap and have some games coloured pages etc. so they work we use em ;-) I still use sonlight science but we stray alot into other books as always for science nature study .Usually books we find at MCC thrift store 25 cents ea. can't be beat lol . I have copies of Emma Serl's language lesson books once again we like them so use them. I almost forgot my latest and absolute for free ideas for copywork comes from
brainy quote You can find all types of quotes simple and a tad more difficult . It is free too . We use psalms and proverbs as well . This month I wish to focus on Momma T ;-) ENJOY
We will also have grandbaby 2yo silly ridiculous one day per week for bunches of fun ;-)
We are doing much more outings and teatimes etc. with homeschool groups this yr. the first was our kite flying expedition and next week we host the fall equinox teatime . Aunty Summer is arranging science workshops and we may attend knitting classes as I will never get the job done .
Oh yes I am really enjoying the bosa nova with Bet E. & Stef dd got me into them
Did I ever mention dh took me to see the Neville brothers for our anniversary ? Yes he did ;-)
I cried when I heard Aaron Neville sing . It is not the same as radio at all ;-)
Hope you all have a lovely week and remember if you are like me and get overwhelmed God is simple , if you feel your not good enough take a break from looking at blogs and do it all websites ;-) read one book a day count your toes for math and bake a cake with your kids and eat it in your pjs lol light lots and lots of candles and receite beautiful prayers . ~ Amen

Summer's end

We had such a fun time over at dh sisters this night

Cousins are always great buddies

Yes Uncle Blue is a tree house architect lol

the boys loved this even drank thier hot coco up there lol

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back Online

Yes it is true we are back online again here at home ! I will be working all afternoon to get pics up and a few of our autumn reading lists up ;-) I also hope I can begin the moccasin workshop as well .
I also feel some of these wonderful people such as Thomas Merton & Momma T should have a longer focus for copy work then just one week so I am thinking to start off with some great Momma T quotes for the next little while . I find this gives the child's mind time to take on and see how these people made thier own personal connection with Our Lord ;-)
We are now off to enjoy our wonderful autumn day .