Friday, October 31, 2008

A season of Souls

We are preparing to leave for 3 days to visit my mother and spend the evning at the cemetary with the kids . This time of year is so beautiful oakleaves dancing , squirells jumping ;-)

I was meditating last night on how as a child and well now as well I just despise halloween . How it is so different then all souls day , snap apple night , hallows eev , dia de los muertos & samhain etc. I see what it is that bothers me of the secular halloween is troubling to discrenment for it is a holiday based on deception . It is the holiday when people pretend to be who they are not . This is different then acting for acting is mere form of story telling . I can't stand the focus on death as evil , a bad , negative and then the focus becomes gruesome and gory . Mocking and making fun of death making it a horrid experience .

Now for what I do love is how all cultures all religions have celebration for souls . Have rememberance of ancestors . I love how the indians in Michoacan ( who were not aztec by the way ) tell the story of how the butterflys returning each autumn represent the souls of thier ancestors . Why this time of yr. ? out of the whole yr. the focus of souls to a culture that knew nothing of Christ ;-) Here the aboriginal people have the same representation . Is it not interesting how the celtic peoples also had thier connection with souls this same time of yr.

We have been reading a few books to help us learn and participate such as

Day of the dead crafts the photos are excellent and you can get some great ideas which will inspire even furthur crafting expereinces ;-) Then there is El Dia De Los Muertos which I have been reading to the kids thru-out the week . Keep in mind not everything in this book is acurate such as the info regarding the aztecs / christians celebrations of this holdiday but our children are old enough to understand when I explain these issues . I absolutly love

Celebrating Irish Festivals it keeps going in and out of stock I know this because I love to give it as a gift to families ;-) The other book I enjoy very much is All Year Round for stories and recipes / crafts .

We always remember the year we spent at lago patzcurao during this season of souls . You can do a search of dia de los muertos and much will come up including the fabulous altars and folkart

and altars I personally love reading about the irish in Mexico this time of year ;-)

We will be making souls cakes or halloween Breac so this is what I will leave you with on our way out ;-) have a wonderful weekend .

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Warm Comforting Inspiration

This is the before Yes we are very visual learners
Many saints & Friends
I love this oil lamp of aunty Pansys'
One more time granny lol
Yes I think some of us are very much in need of this I've been quite affected by the catholic bully lately ;-) Maybe what upsets me most is more often then not people actually beleive they are speaking truth when reality is most have not had proper formation at all.

I find I need some down time . so avoiding all the catholic american election blogs I can and refocusing on all saints day and dia de los muertos ;-)
Last night I set up our altar and the kids placed all the photos of lost souls , saintly relatives and saint cards . I love oct. I often journey with the soul saints as I call them Padre Pio, Therese the little flower, Our Lady Mount Carmel ,saint simon stock etc.
just a lovely time .
We have been inspired since we left for MX all those 25 yrs ago ;-) by the lovely
altars of dia de los muertos
when the perfect all knowing catholic bullies come to call I back off and visit blogs of inspiration such as Dawn's or Teresa's thanks to them I never feel overwhelmed nor judged ;-) I am inspired to go on and be the simple homemaker I am created to be
I think of some of my most inspiring authors who remind me of the simple learning I need to return to . My motto for the year Teach like at the Beach inspired by my grandmother a primary school teacher who very much believed children need to be out and about learning and certainly not in school from May to Oct. ;-)
So I'm searching nature study blogs and thinking of attempting waterclouring again the kids have been making our wooden beads to make our necklaces I'll post those pics next week for letter B
Yes I am now inspired , think I'll check in to Dawn's blog for those sweet & sour meatballs I've been craving ;-) ~ Amen

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A is for apple airplane & Aframe house ;-)

We have 3 alphabet books we are using this term so far the first is
The Waldorf Alphabet Book
This is a lovely book .On each page a letter is represented in typical waldorf style the letter is incorporated in an image to help spark the child's imagination . As well there is also a search and find option . My most fav all time alphabet book is In a Pumpkin Shell by Joan Walsh Angland this was my favorite as a child .
From Akebu to Zapotec is a book I've used with both our boys and now grandson is enjoying it . a is for Africa and the Akebu people ;-) We have also in reading this book been printing off the flags of the countries in which the people do not have the bible in thier own language . We read Apple Cake again which has always been one of our favs ever since ds18 discovered it at the library all those yrs ago ;-) and of course Curious George because he is from Africa after all lol I know some CM people have not liked Curious George but we love him . Probably because we're deep down in this family we're just all a bunch of silly monkeys trying to figure it all out ;-) .
We have been doing our week and a half with letter A . Yes we are slow and suits us just fine ;-) My sil bought a case of organic apples bless her . So the boys helped make pies today including thier own mini pies with thier initials on the top crust ;-)
silly ridiculous loves granny 's airplanes . Most of all he loves colouring and stickers lol

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Moccassin Draw the finished product !

Yes the moccassins are actually finished !! After a few sewing items on backwards and such lol they are not bad . They will be perfect for that newly walking toddler babe ;-) This was fun for me to attempt a craft I'd done for so many yrs . We are going to give this pair away because they will absolutely not fit grandson I made them way to small . So yes we are having a draw to be held on oct. 31st . send us your name if you are interested and we shall place it in a pot or hat ;-) and then pick a name on the 31st. So what shall I attempt next lol
Thanks to everyone who has been popping in I know I'm slow but that is exactly what aboriginal women did in regards to give away and beadwork often was done over the long cold winter and some give away gifts take yrs to make . I've had fun .Thanks .

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Creative Fall Fun

Just posting some of our random autumn pictures . The first are the little squirells we made from the book Knee High Nature Fall activity

Everyone loves wiggly eyes

Corn husk dolls make wonderful decorations

A wonderful spot under the elms

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Won ton day

Yes we did it ! ds7 he who gives joy absolutely loves wonton soup . So a quick call to dd27 and we had the ingredients all set up including the meat grinder . we used shrimp , pork , onion , garlic , cilantro and salt & pep

grinding the fun part

oh yes once it is all ground up you then squish one egg into the whole mixture

One ton wraps

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

hole punch and lacing

We are ready for the holes to be punched and leather lace threaded thru This is a hole punch used with a hammer . There is also the variety that offers different sizes in punches however they tend to be more costly .

punch holes one is on the base of flap the other in the tongue

punch two more on each side of moccassin

punch two holes at back of moccassin

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Timming wrap flap

take hold of your wrap and we will trim from where foot and wrap meet at tongue just rounding it off nicley up to the top

Can you see now the beadwork shows up nicely ;-)

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

back finished and wrap sewn on !

This is the finished back end sewn up !

This is the foot complete . I personally like a long tongue for little ones feet it does not come out then when wrapped up .

Sewing on the wrap seems easy after all that

wrap sewn on .Now I will trim it and pucnh holes for the leather lace and we will have the finished product !

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