Wednesday, December 31, 2008

wintertime just puppin around

We have been having a nice start to our winter retreat and thought I'd post some of our photos for the new yr. ds will be 8yo on the 2nd, same day as ST.Therese our wonderful soul saint .he also wants his name to be eggbert lol his indian name is he who gives joy and this he does just like ST.Therese ;-). we have once again found a property but our struggle now is how to have enough funds to purchase this property and build a modest home . We have called the place rocky forest for the deposits of granite boulders etc. left behind by the glaciers . Praying to Kateri ,ST.therese and ST.joseph on this ;-)
We also have new additions to the family .two joyful husky pups ! one male ,beautiful jack ( jac jac ) and one female ,sasha elizabeth ( lizzie )we are hoping to try the sled dog venture . We are still planning to go offline soon however our car was stolen just before Christmas so we are now online shopping for a new car .Yes this was our second car stolen in less then a yr. even with the emoblizer your vehicle can be stolen however we still have the family van and ds20 loans us his car when he can . In the meantime I am going thru our seed catalogues that have been arriving and planning how to raise chickens in the city , yes your allowed ;-) hope you enjoy the season and our pics
this first one is rocky beach in winter ice forming icicles

cracking snow ice I did it !

Rocky Forest Here we go into the forest

We must try to climb many trees
Granite boulder , this is a small one
who is that ! Adventure boy !
catch me Dad !
jojo & poppa
snow fun !
Let the decorating begin !
frontdoor cedar wreath with cranberries winter folk

frozen wreath we tried from Theresa's blog it worked out great next time we will add orange rounds and bird seed
winter honeysuckle
nativitythis is so beautiful ds7 discovered Dads utility light and hung it behind the creche my first attempt at a hanging Tasha Tudor wreath I think it turned out wonderfully
just beautiful lit up at night we made our annual gingerbread tree ornaments .Grandson discovered he liked icing the cookies by dipping them , or rather swimming them in the icing night tree the before pic
the after pic ;-)

checking out great gramma's new camera
Two sweet huskies
sleepy pies Jac Jac & Lizzie , They do love snow !!