Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Thankful Woman

It is so nice to be back here . I have to say I have missed my internet family . This internet family of inspirational simple living women in particular . I have to say I've been a tad ungrateful , rather forgetful which leads to my ungratefulness. It seems stressful lately after Christmas . Dh back at work & kids cabin feverish . I needed some gal pals to bring me back to focus. If there is one virtue Jesus has been calling me to practice these past few weeks it has been the virtue of gratitude . I love also how when we practice virtue we are then filled up with grace . the two go hand in hand.
so in my life today where does my gratitude lye

#1 I think just focusing on the actual concept of virtue and grace has made me ever so grateful I am for these gifts .

#2 truely truely I am grateful for the gift of giving , to share with others and in turn to receive the gift of others seeing people as the gifts He created them to be .

#3 snow snow snow ! oh what a blessing snow is in this extreme cold the prairies are just a miserable place without snow . Today there were big soft fluffy flakes falling down as I placed our winter wreath in the window box. ( pictures in the post below)

# 4 I have to say lessons . yes even those hard ,not feel so good lessons of life He places us in and asks us to learn from . Honestly I don't think I'd be aware of virtue and be able to receive grace if He didn't hand me the lesson to remind me ;-)

#5 Today I am so very grateful for real mail ! Not e-mail . The kind of mail you hold in your hand and feel . I received my freshly printed seed catalogue today in the mail . I can sit and sip my warm cup of earl grey and touch the pages . Drooling over the wonderful images of which flowers and herbs shall I be caring for in the summer season .

Yes, that is it for today . I feel full again at peace , a calm contentedness that was not there this morning . Thank You Jesus for Your wonderful blessings ~ Amen

Seasonal Christmas Winter living

A very Merry Blessed Christmas to You ! We are back online ! I am so happy to be connected to family and friends again online during these winter months . Although we do have limited access now which is great for keeping us on our rountine as well . We also received snow ! Not as much as the south eat but we shall take what He sends . The prairie without snow is just to depressing . We are all signed up again for the children's lessons and such to begin next week . We are also hoping to get a few good field trips in and focus on our letter and story writing this term . We are very content right now with our life , curriculum etc. I am also very pleased to announce I shall be registaring my own personal business for the new year ! This is my birthday gift from dh to me this yr. I shall list items and products on our Natural Cathloic blog so shall keep you posted .
I've been blessed this week with having our little grandson silly ridiculous for 3 days as his daycare is closed all week . Yesterday was library and tea with friends , today is snow play & wacky cake . Yes , do you remember wacky cake ? I came across this recipe in one of the most wonderful books I found over the holiday . The Pioneer Lady's Country Christmas my library has it . This book is no longer in print however a used cope is fairly in expensive . I can testify this is an excellent activity for little ones ;-)
We also made a frozen wreath yesterday . Remember last yr. we learned this activity from Theresa over at LaPaz . I placed the wreath in our window box today it is just gorgeous .
Tomorrow is our field trip to friends home to view baby bunnies ! Granny is allergic so I'll have to let silly do the touching .
Yes we have had a wonderful season thuis far . Our little adventure boy turns 9yo on saterday ! His last yr. as a single diget gent ! I am so excited to zip over to a
Thankful Woman's daybook and check this out and partake again . Or Cherished Hearts at Home I've got so many favourite blogs that keep me focused on the simple life . So I hope you enjoy the pictures and perhaps receive a pinch of inspiration today . I'm really thinking tea today .

This is our seasonal nature table as you see Sharon the cat takes over at times
This is our advent wreath I prefer no colour for candles . Tasha Tudor inspired my wreath making . Our Parish right outside the window .The Maple tree had hoar frost all over it that morning .

These are those beautiful wreaths inspired by Theresa .
This is the same grapevine wreath from autumn revamped into a winter wreath This is our little nativity on the front step along with driftwood, balsam & moss Our beautiful serene creche under the honeysuckle . We are thinking to have it out at the cottage next winter .There is a fairy house under all that snow

This is a wonderful book full of inspirational short stories . Perfect to cozy up and zip that tea. This is the lovely book I mentioned in my post . It is just full of little stories , poems and marvelous recipes. Always a winter favourite in this family Again I cannot say enough about these wonderful seasonal books from Hawthorn Press. This is a core book in our unschool curriculum and I hope to carry these precious books in our family business in the coming yr.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blissfully Content

Yes I am ! Blissfully content , that is ;-) . We have now been without a computer for close to 6 weeks now ! I am really finding it amzing how much one can get done and equally I have had the thought ... how did I or rather what didn't I get done when I spent so much time on the computer ? I have revisited many a sewing project waiting to be reclaimed . A vision in my head but not actually finished , until now . Who knew one small woman could get rid of so much old plaster and drywall ! We are also all now healthy ! Yes ! after being sick since end of spt. We are all well . It seemed for weeks on end all I could manage to do were dishes a bit of laundry and feed my family . Reading my great aunt Ruby's letters from the mid 20's to early 30's I cannot imagine having TB and being laid up in bed rest for months on end .
The boys are doing well .Both are back in swim lessons and ds13 is going to auntie's place tomorrow to have a bagel making lesson . I'm also getting the boys to make me a new mail box . I'm thinking to have a mail box for each season . painting a winter scene on this one with snowflakes and snowman .
So life is good , seems simple , not cluttered nor complicated . No more playing catch up .dh is trying to replace the drywall which has come down and on we go . We do wish we'd get a bit of snow soon as we'd love to get a tobbogan out .

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Thankful Woman

I do hope I have linked this properly . I discovered this little devotion today via Colleens blog
This has made my day as I've been having a very hard spiritual struggle lately . I am attempting to add A simple Woman's Day book and perhaps add in Gae's weekly Hearts for Home .
However for today this is it Thankful wednesday .
I think I will start with a prayer .
Dearest Jesus my Lord , my Sweetness , my Love & my Life . Thank You for loving me . This weak and imperfect woman . I am in overwhelming awe and filled full with gratitude yet truely I am only full with You today with this realization how You will never stop giving . True real unconditional Love given so freely to the undeserving . I hope I can remain humble to continue to recieve . Thank You so much Jesus ~ Amen .
Today I am Thankful for
#1 my dh who just keeps on working to provide for his family through all his suffering he does this for us
#2 how blessed I feel that we have a home, a real house , it is warm and it is good
#3 The Sunshine ! Yes after days , it must have been 12 days of cloud the sun is shining in my sunroom window so glorious , warming my morning
#4 busy children , laughing , playing & even making messes in my home for they make our home come alive
#5 nature in our back yard ! as I write this a squirel is eating the dog food I placed out for the stray cats and sparrows gather for thier morning snack

Monday, October 26, 2009

Threshing Time

Field at the cottage

've been having a grand ole time ! Truely we've been simplifing the home & school again . Boxes upon boxes have been taken out . I have been meditating on the subject of the homestead . My biggest question being of course , Could we do it ? Ok the even bigger question of course being Could Mum do it lol . Could I truely live off the grid for a time ? Possibly in definately ? What would we be willing to give up , to leave this for that ? One of my biggest concerns is not phone , computer or even what to cook on ;-) it is the issue of being cold ! I am such a suck when it comes to keeping warm . I suffer from ecsema so clothing is a major issue for myself & our two boys as well . Yet truely would I give up a 2 1/2 story home in the noisey inner city for a one room home in the bush . Yes ! That is my answer . Do I have romantic dreams , hey this is me talking , of course lol . Often it is the dream or vision which keeps me a going ;-) My dh is the more rounded practical one in this relationship . If we live off grid he will no doubt have a windmill made within the week .
I am truely inspired mostly not by stories or dreams etc. but by my own ancestors . My own relations . I've been dwelving into my grandmother Grace's letters . Gramma Grace was a school teacher , avid reader and most beautiful writer . While at my mother's place this past weekend I went down to the basement . I had on previous visits read my Grandfather & Grandmothers love letters to each other .These are kept ina special cedar box . However down in the basement are boxes and boxes of letters saved . Correspondences my grandmother had with family and friends . I thought to myself that I would begin reading them . So where to start ? Well I think I chose the right batch of letters ! Yes I found a bunch neatly packed in shoebox. These are dated from 1921 and on . They are my Grandmothers correspondences with her dear friend K . K whom I always had known as aunty Kay is actually Kathleen Anderson ! Theletters are indeed letters my Grandmother wrote to K and then letters recieved from K to Grace . I guess when K passed on her family gave them to my mother . The first letter I picked up and read was the first in the bunch dated Sept.6/21 . K and Grace lived not far from each other on thier family farms . Yet this is how they corresponded . When reading I could not beleive how polite and the language used is so sophiticated . I figured out gGrace was 17yo soon to be 18yo . She is writing from the homestead in Guernsey SK . This is prarie farming all the way folks . K lived near Lanigan SK . My grandmother writes how busy she is , how there are dishes at all times of day because the men are out threshing . She is constantly cooking and cleaning and then there is sewing . She writes K could they try and take a trip to the lake on a Sunday . She would ask if she could get away . She did and her sister Betty ( this was my mum's aunt Betty always a grump ) said no there was to much sewing ! In a later letter they do get to the lake ;-) My Grandmother writes how for a break from dishes she will run out to the barn and go way up to the loft with a book . She will go to the farthest edge and look out over the land and she says she can almost see K's place . It has me see that how busy farm life was and is . These two dear friends lived close enough they propably could have even walked to each others homes each day for a visit . Yet work took thier time . Grace write in this first letter how she always loves when it is her trun to get the cows in . She hopes they go as far away as they can so she can take as long as she likes collecting them . She talks of horseback riding bare back best of all . She did so much ! In a later letter she says that she left home to take a job with a Dutch family to get away from her home . Why ? because she felt she was remaining a child and not grown up enough lol !
The later letters some are from her time in University and attending Normal school to become a teacher . She really loved Chem , Physics and agriculture best of all . She wanted to study agriculture very much . I think she was blessed she came from a family that valued education for both the boys and girls equally . Many mennonite families did not and in fact even moved to MX to escape the educated world here in Canada . K also went to Normal school but in SK where my grandmother traveled all the way to MB for some reason . Maybe they had family or friends here I'm not sure .
So inspired yes. I am enjoying simplifing my life . I've found some nice inspiring blogs as well and am going to do a theme on harvesting with the kids . I found this book on wild rice production my mother had I've been craving a wild rice meal for sometime so think this fitting for a unit study .

The stamps on these letters have 3 cent stamps and I beleive the king is George V

Saturday, October 10, 2009

So This is Autumn ;-)

I was thinking of Theresa today , like wow do I have to post pics for Theresa ;-) I read her post about how they do not have much in the change of seasons as when in other states and florida is most certainl;y as far off from Alaska in natural differences .
I'm also planning a study on the Inuit again this winter term so working on putting together projects etc. I found a copy of an old article my Grandmother saved reagrding the artic and its peoples from 1970 . I'll try and scan what I can from that . For now I hope you enjoy the pics . I am off to watch Grandson Silly Ridiculous this evening and making appel pies tomorrow for our Canadian Thanksgiving . Enjoy !
Yep this was only 3 weeks ago +27c
Our sweet little lady jojo

Picking highbush cranberry

Jack & Lizzie

Apple Picking

Lazy Autumn Days for mum
Mum & Brandi dog , her owner broke her leg so she was doing the neighbourly rounds for entertainment

Gramma 's front

That Virginia Creeper grows anywhere & everywhere lol

Some of my pickings for sale

City wood pileBeautiful Fall colours

Winter Fairy House

All set with rosehips , acorns etc.


& more colour

Yet yet even more autumn colour

Sharon is an Autumn cat

These are my fav coloured marigolds

Gourd growing up our sunflowers

What would a Fall Day be without Ponies , horses and cows

Adventure Boy !Rocky Beach

This is His fav beach of all
How could this not be a boys fav beach ;-)

And Yes , ! Just for You Theresa !


Summer Fairy House we use as our creche

Garden Slumbering


Fairy House under snow . I just placed spruce branches over the doorway yesterday not knowing it was going to snow . So That is Autumn a lovely and very unpredictable season . Hoping Yours is just as much fun !