Sunday, January 18, 2009

Warming things up

Just popping in to quickly share some of our winter warm ups. simple ideas . I've deceided over the winter months at least to purchase flowers of the month resembling the birth stone colour if we can find them that is. Carnations are so pretty and inexpensive so I'm going with them .This month the colour is a beautiful deep red garnet colour ;-) . Next month will be amythest I already know carnations come in that colour . We also ordered a seasonal & birthday ring from maple rose Mum's new fav shopping outlet ;-)
Winter is our birthday time of year but I believe cake was meant to be made for winter season so birthdays or not , make cakes . Also we are beginning to plant our bulbs now to begin to enjoy spring colours again .
As well we did get our 3 kings bread made , ok a tad late but it is still very yummilisious . We are planning another winter fire as well just to get us out of doors . Have a great week .

Thursday, January 1, 2009


well I really messed up our blog somehow lol .I totally do not know html at all . somehow the side bars with all the links moved to underneath all my posts .then I changed the template trying to fix the side bar issue 9 of course it is not fixed ) that changed the colours etc. now I'm trying to find all the right colours again ! yikes I did not want this work . maybe if I go to bed and pray It will all be fixed come morning lol .
In the meantime I posted a ton of winter time pics in my last post , including our two new pups . enjoy !