Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well like anything in my life it has taken me awhile to get in here and write a bit . Why did I take on 3 blogs lol . the Holy Three perhaps had something to do with it ;-) I love lent and I love preparing and I love conversion .This is absolutely my most fav season of the church yr.
I have returned to my simple way of teaching once again like my grandmother before me . I often refer back to her , Tasha Tudor , Charlotte Mason and Mother Teresa when questioning the how am I to teach our children .How can I be the best teacher for them that He created me to be :-) I like during lent not to focus on the fasting idea so much in regards to children . I think often people tend to then make it a big focus on self .I'm doing this I'm a great catholic etc. I think lent is a time for humility :-) two yrs ago my ds the 19 made the choice to go no meat thru-out all lent .He didn't tell a soul . It was very persoanl for him . He is now vegetarian on his own . This yr our ds13 has made the same choice . He is doing great and I don't jump in to remind him . This is his journey on his own with our Lord and I can say he reminds himself everyday and it has in fact led to him venturing out on his own being more independent in regards to cooking . I do not cook meat on wed. fri or sunday so this is the way the little ones begin to observe fasting from meat however it it not so much my focus with them . I like to during lent focus on teaching our children how to own our part in things .In our situations & experiences . Teaching them how we all are capable of failings 7 faults but we are all also resposible for our own choices . Teaching cleansing thru examination of conscience ;-) is the best way . Teaching then the focus on forgiveness .How to forgive . Who is deserving of forgiveness ? Can we accept forgiveness but not be able to forgive others ? I think these are such important tools to teach our children for later on in thier adult lives so they in turn can go out as strong Christians giving back so much He has given them :-)
So I always do the stations of the cross with our children . I do this via the station of the cross box an activity I recieved from Irene Starrs many yrs ago on the CCM list :-) I will post it at the bottom of this post . I also use the book by Fr. Lovasik The Stations of the Cross . I love this book and have used it with all our children . We then have these absolute beautiful mini wooden framed stations someone found in the garbage and brought into the church ! yes the garbage :-(
I also have mini puzzles made from the Little saints program of the stations and the ressurrection . We also found some beautiful sites for the stations .
I also persoanlly have been led back to the devotion of the Holy Face of Jesus this lent so for forty days this is our journey with Him The there are the 7 dolors which I feel is a must for lent .
Another activity we began the yr. we joined the church is a share lent jar .This idea came from the Developement and Peace lenten calender . I liked the idea so well I've continued it on with our own little version . I'll also post pics and instructions down below this post .
During each season of the church yr. I think it is good to have virtues to learn and practice . During lent it is also a focus to remember which virtues we are to work on practicing . I am choosing surrender and acceptance and charity for our children .
The surrender and acceptance go well with reconcilliation and I find charity goes well with penance .
I think what I love most about lent is that He chose me as teacher for our children in preparation for Him :-) for His coming . I think this is so beautiful and one of the most wonderful jobs in the worold is to be able to prepare the way His way for His little ones :-) . I am honoured He would trust me with these children of His . ~Amen
Below is the Share Lent Activity jars . We take two jars but you could make one for each child . Paint them and decorate them how you like .In one jar we collect coins to help with the mission oif our choice for this yr. In the other jar we take and place little slips of paper and write a prayer request and something we are going to work on that day within ourselves , or someone we will pray for during lent etc.

This is the Station of the Cross Acitvity Box by Irene Starrs . I just take a good sturdy showbox and paste on it images of the stations . Then place all items needed for the activity in the box . Acitivity is posted below the pictures . Enjoy .

Stations of the Cross Box
By Irene Starrs
Decorate a shoe box with stations of the cross if you can . Place small objects representing each station of the cross in the box. The children pull out the appropriate item to hold during that station . I also keep a copy of the way of the cross for children in the box to read each station with them . As well I have mini stations puzzles in the box as well for our stations learning .
Stations & Items used
Station 1 - Jesus is condemned to death. ~ a string represents the rope used to tie His hands .
Station 2 – Jesus carries His cross ~ a small cross
Station 3 - Jesus falls for the first time ~ three bandaids to represent the 3 falls of Jesus .
Station 4 – Jesus meets His mother Mary ~ a rosary to represent The Blessed Mother
Station 5 – Simon helps Jesus ~ Trace child’s hands on paper to represent helping hands .
Station 6 – Veronica wipes the face of Jesus ~ a white cloth which you may draw the face of Jesus on or have a picture of the Holy Face of Jesus .
Station 7 – Jesus falls for the second time ~ see station 3
Station 8 – Jesus comforts women of Jerusalem – a tissue for their tears
Station 9 Jesus falls for the third time ~ see station 3
Station 10 Jesus Stripped of His garments ~ a small piece of purple cloth to represent His purple cloak .
Station11 ~ Jesus is nailed to the cross ~ a large nail
Station 12 – Jesus dies on the cross ~ a crucifix
Station 13 – Jesus is taken down from the cross ~ a picture of Michelangelo’s pieta
Station 14 – Jesus is buried – a stone to represent the stone rolled in front of the tomb