Thursday, April 23, 2009

April Draw Blessed Kateri pack

Yes we are offering another draw ! This time for a Blessed Kateri pack . This pack includes a beautiful porcellian first nation doll . I like to think of her as a young Kateri ;-) . Included in the pack are two pamphelts . A prayer card with prayers for cannonization of Kateri . Also a card with the image of the original painting by the priest who had personally known Kateri Tekawitha . Also included is an image of the painting annisnabe Jesus painted by the artist while attending the Kateri conference . Also included a small cross made from cedar branches .

For us Blessed Kateri holds a special place in our hearts .We were blessed going on 7 yrs ago to begin attending at Blessed Kateri Aboriginal Catholic parish . This yr . I personally took on Kateri as my confirmation saint . Now it just seemed appropriate to offer this pack to help share knowledge of this wonderful young woman and soon to be saint we hope .
So we are offering this draw for those of you who wish to learn more . If you would like more info on Native american aboriginal saints , catechism etc. I urge you to write to
Christero Communications and order thier wonderful pamphlets .
Now for this draw . You may enter here by leaving your name in comment box , e-mail me , or facebook me if you are a friend on FB . The draw is from April 17th -May 17th on which I shall pull the name out of the moccassin ;-) The winner will have the pack mailed out free of charge . This is free draw all the way . Only costs you a minute to enter your name in the meantime I hope you will enjoy researching more the many stories of aboriginal catholics .
I almost forgot ..ietms as well have been blessed holy water, oil and salt . Also a rosary prayed for the many blessings to come via Blessed Kateri's intercession for those who will have this doll and items .
These little dolls really are sweet I have one upstairs in my room ;-) just couldn't resist . Even big girls like dolls .