Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kateri Pack Winner !

Yes we have a winner ! Surprising enough the winner is our first entry Joann from 10 kids and a dog ! Happy day Joann ;-) congrats to you and kids & dog ;-) below are pics of the pack and Adventure boy pulling the name out of the moccassin . I hope perhaps this draw will have encouraged others who entered to learn more of Kateri and aboriginal peoples . Thanks to all for entering & God Bless .

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

So This is Spring !

Yes believe it or not this was the beginning of our spring this yr. we are in fact having rain and a chance of flurries as I write this on May 7th ;-) This is life here in MB. We do love it here in our province however we also would like to get our garden dug and seedlings planted . dh installed a chainlink fence in back for our dogs and he had to use the hose to unthaw the ground to get the posts in lol . For now I hope you enjoy some of our pics from our two weeks out caring for gramma's place while she was on holiday .Enjoy !

Several projects took place while indoors and out . such as pillow making .
and more pillow making

Pinnapple upside down cake of course is a must

Who needs diamonds when magnetics work just fab for jewlery

Of course we made orange cranberry granola

hammock ? well it is spring time you know !

Practicing with his zelda sword One must always be well dressed
This is the cedar bog we went picking cedar for Palm Sunday Adventure Boy hauling his cedar out of the bush some of our harvest Moccassins Mum preparing Off she goes ....snow shoeing granny
This is an amazing fungi I found on an old birch tree .It is like a bird bath as it had been full of water . Birch bark is best collected in winter when you can walk easily thru the woods Lizzie was really into finding old dead birch for us
This is the white out during the storm it was so beautiful to walk in This is our Lizzie sitting atop the table used for feeding birds 3 day Snow Storm it was so lovely
Cooking bannock on our spring equinox fire This is the beginnings of a fire all your old winter wreaths go in Our fire was a wonderful success Ice Crystals from the lake ice How could I not take another pic of the eagle tree Yes even country folk recycle sand cliffs in winter awesome view ! Jack & Lizzie Silly Ridiculous wondering what this playgound thing is under all that snow Adventure Boy trying to climb up to inspect the old fireplace Run boy run this was the road after it rained then froze very hard to walk but sledding was awesome


what do you do when you find icicles ?

why make swords of course !

Then there was cheesie poofs and much sleep

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