Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Song of Sherwood

As I pack up to leave to my Mother's place with the kids I am filled with excitement for the walks that will come , the mornings arising with the sun on the lake harvesting trees , grapeleaves and eventually blueberries.
I came across this reading my grandmother sent me titled A Song of Sherwood . I had no idea who wrote this and then in an internet search came up with Alfred Noyes ! Of course I knew him through the highwayman which I absolutely love .
The picture above is that of the forest and one of the many small deer trails which I can imagine being like that of Sherwood. I once again feel blessed to have such a gift as my Grandmother Grace. Enjoy !

A Song Of Sherwood Alfred Noyes (1880 - 1958 )

Sherwood in the twilight, is Robin Hood awake?
Grey and ghostly shadows are gliding through the brake,
Shadows of the dappled deer, dreaming of the morn,
Dreaming of a shadowy man that winds a shadowy horn.

Robin Hood is here again: all his merry thieves
Hear a ghostly bugle-note shivering through the leaves,
Calling as he used to call, faint and far away,
In Sherwood, in Sherwood, about the break of day.

Merry, merry England has kissed the lips of June:
All the wings of fairyland were here beneath the moon,
Like a flight of rose-leaves fluttering in a mist
Of opal and ruby and pearl and amethyst.

Merry, merry England is waking as of old,
With eyes of blither hazel and hair of brighter gold:
For Robin Hood is here again beneath the bursting spray
In Sherwood, in Sherwood, about the break of day.

Love is in the greenwood building him a house
Of wild rose and hawthorn and honeysuckle boughs:
Love is in the greenwood, dawn is in the skies,
And Marian is waiting with a glory in her eyes.

Hark! The dazzled laverock climbs the golden steep!
Marian is waiting: is Robin Hood asleep?
Round the fairy grass-rings frolic elf and fay,
In Sherwood, in Sherwood, about the break of day.

Oberon, Oberon, rake away the gold,
Rake away the red leaves, roll away the mould,
Rake away the gold leaves, roll away the red,
And wake Will Scarlett from his leafy forest bed.

Friar Tuck and Little John are riding down together
With quarter-staff and drinking-can and grey goose-feather.
The dead are coming back again, the years are rolled away
In Sherwood, in Sherwood, about the break of day.

Softly over Sherwood the south wind blows.
All the heart of England his in every rose
Hears across the greenwood the sunny whisper leap,
Sherwood in the red dawn, is Robin Hood asleep?

Hark, the voice of England wakes him as of old
And, shattering the silence with a cry of brighter gold
Bugles in the greenwood echo from the steep,
Sherwood in the red dawn, is Robin Hood asleep?

Where the deer are gliding down the shadowy glen
All across the glades of fern he calls his merry men--
Doublets of the Lincoln green glancing through the May
In Sherwood, in Sherwood, about the break of day--

Calls them and they answer: from aisles of oak and ash
Rings the Follow! Follow! and the boughs begin to crash,
The ferns begin to flutter and the flowers begin to fly,
And through the crimson dawning the robber band goes by.

Robin! Robin! Robin! All his merry thieves
Answer as the bugle-note shivers through the leaves,
Calling as he used to call, faint and far away,
In Sherwood, in Sherwood, about the break of day.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Teach Like at the Beach

Yes how could I have forgotten my motto ... Teach like at the Beach ;-) could it be I am human after all and not the image of perfection I somehow led myself into expectation . Expectation of self needing to be more than what is required . Knowing others have expectation , trying to keep up with the perfect mum blogs again , falling into the one must be qualified instructor , degrees in place etc. in order to be adiquit enough to lead and teach ones own children .
I'm sure you know where I was headed ... yes burnout ... then the let down and the feeling I am not good enough .
Then comes the great surrender and acceptance of who I truely am ... human . Me little ole me .
Yes I did I fell into the old trap , the old not good enough without certification , vaildation , accredation ...
then all my wonderful elders pop in beginning with my Grandmother Grace . would I ever doubt she was indeed a good teacher ? No of course not because she continues to be one long after death .she is still alive in helping be the role model of simplicity and what truely is needed in the education of our children .
I've wonderful elders who remind me of her and help me get back on track and leave the rest behind . People like Mother Teresa who was surrounded by many yet managed to keep things very simple and therefore very effiicent .
Chief DanGorge a wonderful writer and poet such strength again speaking very little but when he did so ever wise .
Tasha Tudor reminds me so much of my gramma . collecting kindling , tending to gardens and always always reading children a good book .
Black elk reminds me of how to for our Creator via Hid creation and help others to know Him via being one with all creation is a true catholic .
Then Juan Bernardino comes along helping me understand being humble and unnoticed is truely the best way to go .
I ended my elder journey on Fathers day with a wonderful elder who is with me here and now our wonderful Fr. Robert who comes still even though retired doing funerals , confessions , and next sunday Mass . He is the absolute most wonderful confessor .
How blessed I am to have such wonderful examples of how to grow and where to begin back with simplicity "teach like at the beach ". This means in the way of my elders simple , uncluttered , much of the work done in peaceful silence .
I tend to get overwhelmed with other people and try and keep up. The whole point of homeschooling somehow appears to be about keeping up. I forget some people have nannies , some people have maids , some people are not who they claim to be . He does not ask me to be anyone but me .
So I begin again and fall back and be cautious of where I am going . I now know and return to teaching with my grandmother and all my other fine examples. I know to retruin to those blogs which help promote simplicity and goodness and do not leave one feeling overwhelmed and the need to keep up and compete .
For examples I like this one , this one and that one
I've a few more but that gives you a feel . Even so if I find if anything is disturbing me I take a break and don't return for two-three weeks .
I had to smile because the next selection I am going to post from my grandmother's poems ... well you will just smile . It certainly goes along with my thoughts the last few weeks.
I also posted a picture of she & I making bread in her big ceramic bread bowl . I remember doing this with her .She always called me to punch down the dough it was so much fun .
She did not title this poem but it is by Marguerite Gode

Lord of all the pots and pans and things !
since I've no time to be a saint by doing lovely things, or watching long with Thee, or dreaming in the dawn light , or storming heavens gate .
Make me a saint by getting meals, and washing up the plates .
Although I must have Martha's hands I have a Mary mind,
and when I black the boots and shoes Thy sandals Lord, I find.
I think of how they trod the earth what time I scrub the floor-
accept this meditation, Lord, I haven't time for more .
Warm all the kitchen with Thy Love and light it with Thy peace-
Forgive me all my worrying and make my grumbling cease.
Thou who didst love to give men food in room or by the sea,
accept this service that I do - I do it unto Thee.

se se ses

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

If Sounds have Colour

This was the image I had in my head to post next .It is my Grandmother's little garden under the birch tree at the cottage . I then looked on the underside of my grandfathers journal entry she had sent me and this was the poem she had typed out ;-) How appropriate a theme for her gardens were always full of colour . We still find bits of her blue iris which she shared with others for thier own homesteads popping up around the area . If you by chance recognize the poem please let me know who the poet is . There is no name with this entry . Now here is the poem .Enjoy !

If Sounds have Color

If sounds have color then I think

Our Baby's laughter is shell pink,

My brother's whistle is bright blue,

And brown's the shade of Bossy's moo.
I think that Fido's noisy barks

Are orange-red like fiery sparks.

The slow sweet song that Daddy sings

Is soft gray like pigeon's wings ;

But Mother's voice when I am ill ,

Too hot and aching to lie still

Is like warmand rosy light

That shines about me in the night.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer 1935

My first entry is from a page out of my grandfather's journal my gramma Grace sent me in Apr.1974 It was very special to me as I never met my grandfather as he passed away when my mother was only 7yo saving the life pof another man . This picture is one of the very few I have of him standing on his head in the canoe ;-) here is the entry journal summer 1935 by Ferade Ateah :
I love to wake when the sun is just rising and run down to the beach without shoes or stockings, jump into our little boat and push away from the shore.
The lake is nearly always calm at this time of morning . I hear the shrill cries of the seagulls as they see me coming ., for they know that I am going to lift the net and spoil the breakfast they are enjoying .
From the shore they can be seen large and white, with huge wings flapping , trying in vain to carry off the fish they have been eating .
As the boat swings slowly from side to side with a light breeze coming from the north, the seagulls come back and sail gracefully above me, at first just one or two, they drift closer and closer to me in the air.
I cannot undertsand how they can hang there ...thier eyes so black against thier white heads ... the sky so blue ...

Friday, June 5, 2009

123 Rosary Mums Help

I usually post many pictures etc. regarding our homeschool days & Trinity centered learning etc. however today I thought maybe I'd post a little help Momma Mary gave me . A little push , a little encouragement on her behalf . I'm one I always find it difficult to get my rosary in during the day. I also in fact like ST.Therese at times find myself drifting and not focusing .In fact I could quite possibly spend up to 1 hr on the rosary . Most of my prayer is spent sitting , during meditation etc. I pray my ST.Michael chaplet each morning so why not the rosary each afternoon .I tell myself it can be done . I put expectation on self that never adds up and more often then not left with disappointment .
I know I am to pray the rosary .I am also well aware I should pray the rosary . So why this struggle and the big question how am I going to fit this in and actually get it done ?
Well really why it had not dawned on me before but hey we are all acpable of a duh moment ;-) why go to the source of course ! Momma Mary herself ! So prayer , send me the way , help me to do this please please . Well this past winter while spending time out at my mother's home it was gievn .The way She sent it . Now we are all unique individuals made in our own way so what He sends me may not be for everyone but as I said perhaps others have struggled like I do .
I have two very special rosaries one given by a friend for my birthday is a garnet bithstone rosary and the other very precious to me indeed was given to me by my mother . This is the rosary of my great grandmother , very special indeed . Often I will carry them around with me while walking , gardening etc. However at times I loose what bead I'm on and as I said can drift when just sitting in one place . It came to me something a wonderful lady told me once that our daily life is indeed a prayer , we do our daily activties for Him , with Him & in Him . This is how we turn this into prayer . It came to me I can pray my rosary during dishes etc. making beds , laundry anything . Now I do need to know all my mysteries down pat, which one should anyway . I also have a mini prayer book or card nearby or in my pocket just in case ;-)
If you know your rosary you do not need beads to pray it . I thought of those who may not have access to a rosary or like myself while doing dishes cannot hold onto beads . Yet how to keep track of those beads , those hail Marys ;-) . Simple keep count ! This is why I titled this post the 123 rosary ;-)
If you know your rosary prayers , Aposltes Creed , Our Father , Hail Mary , Glory Be , Fatima Prayer and Hial Holy Queen , then you are set . If not keep a small rosary holy card or little booklet by your sink , in the laundry room or in your pocket to pull out when need be . Begin and say your rosary as you always would . When it becomes time to begin your first decade of 10 beads . say your first hail Mary . and add the # 1 at the end , next hail Mary add #2 at the end , next hail Mary add #3 at the end . It is that simple to keep track . I'm not sure why but I have far more focus on Our Lady & Lord's lives while praying this while doing the dishes then when I sit . Perhaps it is because Our Lady herself may have been prayerful while doing dishes etc. I like to think so ;-) You may find a helpful little rosary holy card like this one helpful and over at The rosary shop they offer a free downloadable rosary booklet . Of course I would like to reccomend people try purchasing rosaries from people like Anne at Under Her Starry Mantle . As these remind me of my great gramma's rosary ;-) and I love antiquey things .
Thinking of posting a segment on childhood devotions soon . We are still experiencing extremely cold weather , frost , winter hats that type of thing so no pictures for a while . God Bless ~ Amen

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Fun

Yes Our Summer Fun has begun ! With little to no spring here the boys are so happy to be outside enjoying the long awaited warm weather . They found a bag of balloons I'd stashed away in a drawer and before I knew it they were making water balloons , then began freezing the balloons . Which of course led to great fun and a cool expereince ;-)

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