Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Fun

With our van pretty much busted we are having to find our fun in local spaces and home . You know me I'm so visual so I've been snapping photos of evey project going on around here . ds13 has returned from the lake . Yes he passed level 8 red cross swim ! Trying to find activties for him will be a challenge . I think two big dogs may be the key here ;-) Dad & son atop garbage hill . This used to be a landfill and yes I'm that old .I do remember the landfill .
view of Arlington bridge

Is there a dog in that grass ?

Mum & jojo

Garbage Hill

One Adventure Boy coming up ! My Sweetie Pie Little Bitty jojo she is such a pointer Buddies Miss. Lizzie Jack Jack Top Dog Investigators

Yummy Flowers Chamomile Trying for the cottage experience My sil & I went strawberry picking and the jam turned out great

This is a chia cow but not with chia seeds red clover is working far better
A fledgling crow came by to play with jack & lizzie
Momma Crow was not impressed ST.Benedict neckalce made with copper ST.B medal and some homeade bead

Dad began some serious fencing .

Then Lizzie needed her cuddle . lol she is such a baby .

I'm not sure if he is aware his ears are inside out lol

This is a rose ds 8 planted on chica's grave
Yes waffles , blueberries and whipped cream are a real summer project around here

Lily & Daisy

This is my pot pourri or smudge whatever you call it , this smells wonderful when thrown on the fire .
Fresh Roses on the altar
Rhubarb time means rhubarb cake !

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

beautiful inspiration

I have had the feeling to write again a little reading from my grandmother Grace but was not sure which to choose .
Today as I did my morning devotionals I read the Mother Teresa writing for the day . She is always so good at bringing calm and ease into our lives and the situation .
I'd been feeling the keep up with the perfect schooling syndrome again and trying to avoid those issues and websites that may inspire a less than feeling . Summer in fact is feeling just like the rest of our yr. rushed , over worked , illness & stress. I'm trying to throw in the good stuff inbetween when I can but it is often that getting through by the seat of our pants stuff most days . dh & I are both throughly drained and trying to find balance is a major goal right now .
Mother Teresa is often so reassuring and today I read her reading she says is part of the consittution for her mission . It made perfect sence to me of course and the focus of one day at a time , one moment at a time . As I do this our home is becoming so very much the cottage within the city and balance is returning .
I then picked up my scrapebook today to make the choice of writing from my grandmother . There it was on the first page ! I called my mother to find out the name of the fellow in the poem . She laughed " Obosh ". Mum said it was something she and her mum always said to each other when one may be taking ones self to seriously and this little quote always brought on a laugh .
I like to think my grandmother was perhaps thinking ahead of myself as a mother later on in life when she thought to send this on to me .
So I share again with you from both fabulous ladies in my life today . Enjoy !
The future is not in our hands. We have no power over it. We can act only today. We have a sentence in our constitution that says : " We will allow the good God to make plans for the future - for yesterday has gone, tomorrow has not yet come and we only have today to make Him known , loved and served . "
so we do not worry about it . For seventy years Obosh the sage sat on the mountainside swallowing sunshine . But he never became illuminated .

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beaching Days

We are back from our 4 day jaunt to the lake . I cannot believe our little Adventure boy now 8yo has never been camping ! So we packed up our newly inherited tent which we plan to use this summer on our Ontario adventure and took off to Gramma's place ;-)
We set the tent up in a snap and it even rained our last day there . No leaks or wetness what so ever in the tent ! The lake is very high this yr. due to hydro and flodding etc. The big storm last week brought down many a tree and underwashed the shoreline big time . Also with all this rain it makes perfect mosquito weather so we spent very little time on the beach and much in the woods and open areas as we could .
Below are some of our pics from our adventures . Enjoy !

This woodpecker was a grand ole fellow indeed

Driftwood collection for our at home fires is a must

Lovely Iris ourside the cottage . Although there are the blue Iris all round the property these are my fav as they have the most beautiful lemoney scent .

This is the view driving up to the cottage, a field of buttercups & daisies Adventure boy found much to discover , including many an ant dwelling . He was witness to a wasp venturing into a newly dug hole & he did not return out !
Newly made ant pile Our Morning Spot makes the most beautiful prayer place Do doggies do meditation too ? This is the Ospery Nest outside Gramm's kitchen window


We enjoyed our new tent very much , a good camping tip if you are cold at night , wear a hat :-)

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