Monday, August 17, 2009

Blueberry Days

Adventure Boy & I just spent 5 glorious days out at Gramma's place . Of all the blessings we were spared this manitoba rain for 4 days ! The heat got hot up in the 30c ! We learned our doggy jack jack can swim ! I showed Adventure boy how when I and his daddy were children we did not have these fancy blow up toys we had logs ! So I dragged out an old railway tie we found washed up and he floated around splashing and enjoying himself. I off course finding it heavenly because I got to do one of my fav activities harvest berries . I can pick for hrs. The berries are magnificent this yr. due to all the rain and then just the right amount of heat . we even found bear poop and yes it is purple lol . I love searching out berries this is half the fun . berries love the sand hill and they often are thriving where there has been a forest fire in previous yrs. one sure sign of bluerries are juniper bushes . a sure sign of juniper bushes is moss a sure sign of moss are yes mosquitos ;-) I am sensative to juniper and get a rash which does not last long but if irritated I just put some clay on it and it eliminates any itch and rash gone . Another bonus in my berry picking is I am not sensative to poisen ivy . so often where there are berries this plant also exists . Adventure boys is also not sensative to it so he did tag along at times . However he does not have the berry picking gene like some of his siblings no he is like his daddy and gets very bored and complains so often he returns home with the dogs to play his own adventures rather than have a berry adventure . Funny we all have our thing . I find the art of pole fishing tedious where for dh it is very meditative .
So home we came with quarts of berries which meant , jam , pies and freezing . I wish to try canning but was just not up for that this yr. To make the jam I have been very pleased with Pomona 's pectin and have had great success with only using half the sugar jam usually calls for . I am also dragging out dd23 copy of Blueberries for Sal to read to her brother and a copy of ds13 fav book Jamberry when he was a little one , I think grandson will love this . I am gearing up a bit to plan our fall homeschool . simple , not overwhelming . I am hoping to partake in the simple daybook etc. perhaps but really trying not to over do the book thing and activity thing and reach exhaustion again .
Next month are pickles so stay tuned ;-)


many a berry

who could pick without a doggy along

He found one little raspberry bush amongst the blueberries

We brought home many a berry

the cleaning begins

mushy mashed berries for jam

these big canners really come in handy

jam jam

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