Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Top Dog

Well it seems fitting I choose this day to be my last entry of a poem from my Grandmother Grace. Last night & again this morning the sky & wind changed and I remembered what my gramma always said . The flies always bite before it rains . Well horseflies do bite in the full sun but she was right they also bite before it rains lol .

The little poem she sent me is short and is a doggie poem .

I've written before of the sled dogs my mothers family raised and grew up with . Mum always told us stories of how much fun they were , how smart and how much they worked too . My fav was always of how her dog Durk would pull her to school and he was supposed to stay and wait for her but he enever did she always ended up having to walk home ;-)

I also learned how the dogs recieved thier names . no amazing legends , no awesome inuit or native american names . Nope the names of those amazing sled dogs came right out of the funny papers ! The picture up top is that of Kayo son of Mammey . Mammey was the lead dog so her offspring were considered very intelligent .

In this picture you can see my uncle David with another dog at the fishing boats & there is Kayo up front with his pail .Yes that was his pail . My mother just told me this story recently. Kayo would run errands for my grandfather and one of these errands was going to peoples homes to collect items or send a message . If my grandfather were in need of a tool or if the family wished to invite someone for dinner all they needed to do was send a little note along with Kayo in his pail and off he went . My mum says he'd return with a hammer or another note etc. in the pail . How cool is that ! Here is the little doggie poem enjoy .

Puppy's Home
I love this little house
because it offers after dark
a pause for rest
a rest for paws
a place to moor my bark.
Our Top Dog Jack Jack . He hasn't quite learned how to carry a pail yet but he is very loyal and obedient and gives the best doggie kisses ever ;-)