Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blissfully Content

Yes I am ! Blissfully content , that is ;-) . We have now been without a computer for close to 6 weeks now ! I am really finding it amzing how much one can get done and equally I have had the thought ... how did I or rather what didn't I get done when I spent so much time on the computer ? I have revisited many a sewing project waiting to be reclaimed . A vision in my head but not actually finished , until now . Who knew one small woman could get rid of so much old plaster and drywall ! We are also all now healthy ! Yes ! after being sick since end of spt. We are all well . It seemed for weeks on end all I could manage to do were dishes a bit of laundry and feed my family . Reading my great aunt Ruby's letters from the mid 20's to early 30's I cannot imagine having TB and being laid up in bed rest for months on end .
The boys are doing well .Both are back in swim lessons and ds13 is going to auntie's place tomorrow to have a bagel making lesson . I'm also getting the boys to make me a new mail box . I'm thinking to have a mail box for each season . painting a winter scene on this one with snowflakes and snowman .
So life is good , seems simple , not cluttered nor complicated . No more playing catch up .dh is trying to replace the drywall which has come down and on we go . We do wish we'd get a bit of snow soon as we'd love to get a tobbogan out .

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Thankful Woman

I do hope I have linked this properly . I discovered this little devotion today via Colleens blog
This has made my day as I've been having a very hard spiritual struggle lately . I am attempting to add A simple Woman's Day book and perhaps add in Gae's weekly Hearts for Home .
However for today this is it Thankful wednesday .
I think I will start with a prayer .
Dearest Jesus my Lord , my Sweetness , my Love & my Life . Thank You for loving me . This weak and imperfect woman . I am in overwhelming awe and filled full with gratitude yet truely I am only full with You today with this realization how You will never stop giving . True real unconditional Love given so freely to the undeserving . I hope I can remain humble to continue to recieve . Thank You so much Jesus ~ Amen .
Today I am Thankful for
#1 my dh who just keeps on working to provide for his family through all his suffering he does this for us
#2 how blessed I feel that we have a home, a real house , it is warm and it is good
#3 The Sunshine ! Yes after days , it must have been 12 days of cloud the sun is shining in my sunroom window so glorious , warming my morning
#4 busy children , laughing , playing & even making messes in my home for they make our home come alive
#5 nature in our back yard ! as I write this a squirel is eating the dog food I placed out for the stray cats and sparrows gather for thier morning snack