Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Thankful Woman

It is so nice to be back here . I have to say I have missed my internet family . This internet family of inspirational simple living women in particular . I have to say I've been a tad ungrateful , rather forgetful which leads to my ungratefulness. It seems stressful lately after Christmas . Dh back at work & kids cabin feverish . I needed some gal pals to bring me back to focus. If there is one virtue Jesus has been calling me to practice these past few weeks it has been the virtue of gratitude . I love also how when we practice virtue we are then filled up with grace . the two go hand in hand.
so in my life today where does my gratitude lye

#1 I think just focusing on the actual concept of virtue and grace has made me ever so grateful I am for these gifts .

#2 truely truely I am grateful for the gift of giving , to share with others and in turn to receive the gift of others seeing people as the gifts He created them to be .

#3 snow snow snow ! oh what a blessing snow is in this extreme cold the prairies are just a miserable place without snow . Today there were big soft fluffy flakes falling down as I placed our winter wreath in the window box. ( pictures in the post below)

# 4 I have to say lessons . yes even those hard ,not feel so good lessons of life He places us in and asks us to learn from . Honestly I don't think I'd be aware of virtue and be able to receive grace if He didn't hand me the lesson to remind me ;-)

#5 Today I am so very grateful for real mail ! Not e-mail . The kind of mail you hold in your hand and feel . I received my freshly printed seed catalogue today in the mail . I can sit and sip my warm cup of earl grey and touch the pages . Drooling over the wonderful images of which flowers and herbs shall I be caring for in the summer season .

Yes, that is it for today . I feel full again at peace , a calm contentedness that was not there this morning . Thank You Jesus for Your wonderful blessings ~ Amen

Seasonal Christmas Winter living

A very Merry Blessed Christmas to You ! We are back online ! I am so happy to be connected to family and friends again online during these winter months . Although we do have limited access now which is great for keeping us on our rountine as well . We also received snow ! Not as much as the south eat but we shall take what He sends . The prairie without snow is just to depressing . We are all signed up again for the children's lessons and such to begin next week . We are also hoping to get a few good field trips in and focus on our letter and story writing this term . We are very content right now with our life , curriculum etc. I am also very pleased to announce I shall be registaring my own personal business for the new year ! This is my birthday gift from dh to me this yr. I shall list items and products on our Natural Cathloic blog so shall keep you posted .
I've been blessed this week with having our little grandson silly ridiculous for 3 days as his daycare is closed all week . Yesterday was library and tea with friends , today is snow play & wacky cake . Yes , do you remember wacky cake ? I came across this recipe in one of the most wonderful books I found over the holiday . The Pioneer Lady's Country Christmas my library has it . This book is no longer in print however a used cope is fairly in expensive . I can testify this is an excellent activity for little ones ;-)
We also made a frozen wreath yesterday . Remember last yr. we learned this activity from Theresa over at LaPaz . I placed the wreath in our window box today it is just gorgeous .
Tomorrow is our field trip to friends home to view baby bunnies ! Granny is allergic so I'll have to let silly do the touching .
Yes we have had a wonderful season thuis far . Our little adventure boy turns 9yo on saterday ! His last yr. as a single diget gent ! I am so excited to zip over to a
Thankful Woman's daybook and check this out and partake again . Or Cherished Hearts at Home I've got so many favourite blogs that keep me focused on the simple life . So I hope you enjoy the pictures and perhaps receive a pinch of inspiration today . I'm really thinking tea today .

This is our seasonal nature table as you see Sharon the cat takes over at times
This is our advent wreath I prefer no colour for candles . Tasha Tudor inspired my wreath making . Our Parish right outside the window .The Maple tree had hoar frost all over it that morning .

These are those beautiful wreaths inspired by Theresa .
This is the same grapevine wreath from autumn revamped into a winter wreath This is our little nativity on the front step along with driftwood, balsam & moss Our beautiful serene creche under the honeysuckle . We are thinking to have it out at the cottage next winter .There is a fairy house under all that snow

This is a wonderful book full of inspirational short stories . Perfect to cozy up and zip that tea. This is the lovely book I mentioned in my post . It is just full of little stories , poems and marvelous recipes. Always a winter favourite in this family Again I cannot say enough about these wonderful seasonal books from Hawthorn Press. This is a core book in our unschool curriculum and I hope to carry these precious books in our family business in the coming yr.