Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yummy Lentil Lenten Soup

Don't you just love when stuff , the good stuff just turns out so amzingly good on a whim lol ! Who knew this soup , so easy would turn out so great ! Well could also be we were terribly hungry by the time dinner arrived ;-)
I received a traditional Lebanese recipe for lentil soup from a cousin the other day . I planned to make it for meatless friday . I began to have the urge to add a bit here and there and this soup was the result . Just awesome and super easy is the bestest part ;-) Meassurments are peretty close to how I winged it . enjoy !
Lenten Lentil Soup
1c dried orange lentils rinsed
1/2c white long grain rice
1/3c olive oil
1 med. onion sliced
2 cloves garlic chopped
2-3 celery stalks chopped
1 T dried parsley flakes
1 can cooked chick peas
1/2 large can diced tomatoes
salt & pepper to taste
boiling water
curry powder , yogurt or sour cream , indian pickles & other condiments
In soup pot add oil & heat, add onion , garlic & celery. saute until tender. add parsley , salt & pepper .stir . add in lentils and rice stir several minutes . Add in about 2q boiling water . bring to boil , reduce heat and simmer until lentils and rice are softened . if more water is needed add more to make more stock . add in chick peas & tomatoe , simmer another 10 min . taste & add more salt & pepper if needed . serve in bowls with fav condiment and dolop of yogurt or sour cream . My fav is 1tsp curry powder with a huge helping of yogurt . yum yum . would go well with nan bread or pita .

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cedar Days

I love how the snow tops off the trees. In spring it is such a wonderful experience to walk in the cedar bog as the trees slowly drip this melting snow down upon your head . It is like being cleansed by God as you walk ;-)

On Monday for Louis Riel Day we left the city again . This was sort of an unplanned adventure but I felt the need to pick cedar . Those of you who visit me on our blogs know I pick cedar for both my spiritual & medicinal use . Plus I also pick it each yr. for our church . We use cedar here in place of palm branches . Now that is eco friendly is it not . No jet fuel guilt here ;-) . Normally I would not be picking this until a good month from now , much closer to palm sunday . However I just have this feeling with all the acky el nino weather we've been experiencing we best pick early this yr. If it is still frozen in the cedar bog come end of march I shall go pick a bit more . I do like to be prepared though . I am also hoping this may mean we are in luck for a wonderful dry hot spring & summer as well ! Last yrs super wet cool spring & summer was bad for the garden but my was it a blessing for a great crop of cedar this yr. ! Usually it is just the boys and I who do the picking as week days have less traffic etc. Yet this long weekend was a special treat for dh and he really wanted to leave the city . So yes we did find cedar and oh how beautiful it was . Our little adventure boy is getting so much bigger 1 He still is such a little joy of course . I as usual took a bunch of pics to share . enjoy !
The light was just beautifully filtered thru this opening
He is always so so happy and content in the woods
and off he goes into the woods

one must always bring a boy and a Dad

or a snow dog ( jack jack )
or a sundog ( lizzie )

once again you see where we get our inspiration

a dog in dogwood lol

he always is such a hoot shoveling the snow with his nose , they also found a skunk burrow !

run dog run , snowmobile trail

after mum with a snow chunk he should know better lol he will always end up on his knees

this is the bog I prefer to pick in

we always bring the sleigh along for adventure boy whee ! here we go ! Yes he did it ! sliding is excellent exercise



it is quite dark in the bog even during daylight we always get great use out of our sleighs ;-)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Words of Cheer

Yes words of Cheer , that is the title of the note card I found in one of the boxes of my Grandmother Grace's letters. She had poems and cards mixed amongst the letters . I believe she may have received this one shortly after the passing of my Grandfather 1939 . It will actually be the anniversary of his death this Easter Sunday . I felt it rather appropriate to post a few of her cards and this one seemed just perfect for the Lenten season . I love this season , I am always filled with hope . The season of light , season of growth be we celebrating imbolc or lent it is a time of rebirth . Working on cleansing oneself is so great . I always have said I do not partake in new yrs as it often leads to unrealistic goals . I much prefer lent which gives us the time to work on issues and God our Creator gives us time to work slowly not to rush ourselves . Words of Cheer to help us move along our journey towards reawakening a beautiful light . I always say " there is my Mexican sun " as I walk with the children out of doors . I feel the extreme warmth of the sun on my face . It reminds me of Mexico during semana santa . Here in Manitoba we truly notice our light returning . It is now light at 5pm when dh returns from work ! It is just becoming light at 7am when he leaves for work ;-)
My seeds are planted , I had grandson Mr. silly ridiculous over last week to help me plant our bulbs so yes I have a great hope . I do not believe Jesus asked us to be miserable souls during lent . A true God merely wishes us to look after ourselves , be able to cleanse ourselves both physically & spiritually . Truly we should take the time all yr. round but lent is our big reminder . God no matter what religion you are from does not ask us to purposely suffer . I just don't buy into that . As I mentioned on my other blog when I wrote about fasting . there is always purpose to fasting . It is not to appear miserable to others ;-) . Lent is a time to grow towards change just as our earth has rebirth we too are called to this the Lenten season is truly a season of conversion for the word conversion literally means to change . I am a person who loves change , I thrive on it . How can one not grow with out conversion ;-) not me So today I would like to share with You a memory from Grace Ateah a few Words of Cheer .
I am coping the words out under each photo as if you have eyes like mine even with our specs it is difficult to make out the print . enjoy ;-)
Words of Cheer
Cupples & Leon Company
New York

There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour.
When you rise in the morning, form a resolution to make the day a happy one for a fellow creature .It is easily done.
-Sydney SmithCheerfulness and content are great beautifiers, and are famous preservers of youthful looks !
-DickensThe art of being happy is the art of discovering the depths that lie in the common daily things.
-BierleyWe live in a world of flowers and trees and grass, rivers and lakes and seas, mountains and sunshine .Nature is bright to the bright,Comforting to those who will accept comfort.
-Lord AveberryOn all life's way may happiness betide you. No clouds arise to dim the sunny days. May friends of truest worth be e'er beside you, and golden prospects always meet your gaze

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

spring felty flowers

I made these flowers last week as a get ready for spring craft . I would have preferred to use wool roving as I could then have gone without the white glue . However one uses what is on hand and I think the flower turned out wonderful . I'm making mini ones so as to place several in a dish at a time in order to get that spring garden effect . pics and instructions below . have fun ! make one lovely felt flower take one strip piece of felt and cut slits along the edge to make a fringe . I then thread a thread thru the bottom edge and gather to form a circle .soak this fringe in a mixture of water and white glue ( make sure you use a non toxic water soluble glue or paste )I then place the flower in center of fringe . gather up so flower is hidden and tie off with a cotton string to help the bulb keep its shape . place in warm area to dry .

once dry remove the string and you will have your spring bulb shape set bulb in dish just add water to dish and wait for flower to bloom this is the surprise afterwards