Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tea Talk

Well today , like for Ruth is actually a coffee day for me . We are all packed and ready to leave for our anual adventure out at Gramma's place . I and the children do this each yr. as my mother goes off to visit her best friend & my precious God Mother this time each yr.
I have to admit at first I was not my usual gungho self nor excited about our outing this yr. As we look for porperty and I try and balance home life I felt packing may just push me over the edge . I do not like burnout and know when I am on the verge ;-)
However today I have renewed energy and much hope via once again my grandmother Grace. I've been refocused on simplicity which as I've mentioned in previous posts the reading of her letters truly inspire me in this lifestyle choice .
So I have begun reading again that which brings me to that peace & calm and returning to my goals as first off wife & mother . I also came by a huge treat today just by chance ! I went up to our bedroom just to take a last minute check of items I may have overlooked . I saw the collection of the Canadian Poetry Mags. I have from my Grandmother and thought to myself " maybe I best bring one of those along " I then pondered which copy . I reached for the shelf and pulled off a copy . I looked at the volume and it is a copy from March 1937 ! As in my last post I mentioned we are having Poetry study over the next several months . So Yes I feel inspired . Then as I read Ruth's Teatalk and read about Pooh Bear I was once again reminded of my grandmother . Gramma Grace mentioned A.A Milne in her letters often . She & my Grandfather read his stories to my uncle & mother together for family read alouds . She also studied his works in Normal school as part of her teacher training . So I am also very very tahnkful for the gift of each other and how He uses each and everyone of us to help each other . I truly do value true & real friendship and we will always beaffrimed in ways such as these beautiful expereinces which instill us with renewed Hope Faith & Charity .

I heard a quote of Mother Teresa's last night on a tv show and quite a liberal secular one as well . Yet this is how and why I beleive God is present in and all peoples , religions , cultures etc. Which also inspires me futher because of the great connection . I have had the meditation of community and smaller local community to be exact . In order to help the world change & become a peacful place . We need start in the home , then the community then branch out from there community reaching community . All great inspirational people such as Gandhi , Martin Luther King jr. & Mother Teresa always believed in the strength of local community .
So this quote from Mother Teresa really hits home for me and has true & real meaning .

" If everyone only focused on sweeping thier own front step . The whole world would be a cleaner place "

Today I do feel on track again . Look after our own first . Focus on living our healthy lifestyle as a family then move out into our community to also clean it up and then into the big ole world ;-)
So off we go to Gramma's house ! Rest assured this momma is going to eventually today sit down and have a lovely cup of red rose orange pekoe tea ~ amen

Monday, March 15, 2010

Poetry Season


Well , I have always stated I am a slow moving person ;-) so poetry month has now turned into poetry season . We of course read poems as a seasonal activity with each season but it was during the month of Feb. Inspired by ST. Brigid saint of poets and I think because my birthday is also in January I had Robert Burns on the brain already .
Maybe , ok I will admit it I am a sucker for poetry lol . I am in love with and drool over the ever so beautiful sonnet and lovely Haiku . So This season from March to June shall be a focus not just on spring poetry but the many forms of . If You venture to previous posts of last summer you will see my inspiration for the poem was spurred on by my late grandmother Grace. She indeed was very pleased to also have had her own poems published . I am thinking of country poems & cowboy poetry myself It is hard to list so many of our favs but will give you an idea below . Enjoy !

Who can resist using the work of Robert Louis Stevenson

This book and version is one of our favs . Hilda Boswell is an illustrator I became familiar with in my own childhood and we continue to use the books she so beautifully illustrated . This book appears hard to find so another wonderful version is also that of Tasha Tudor 's work of course .This is a lovely book of poems I discovered out at my mother's place .It is a gift given by my Godmother another wonderful lady who shares the same reading tastes as I ;-) In the book poems are actually listed by season which is very helpful . I am hoping to have the boys write thier own Spring Haiku

Mum also enjoys these old Vintage copies of Ideals Magazine

Who can resist Robert Frost ! He was always a fav of our eldest ds now 22yrs !

Yes we are ! In our goofy house anyway lol . How can spring not include Shel Silverstein ? Fun and alively just like Spring !

I have used this book often since ordering it from sonlight 3 yrs ago . It inspired us to learn more about many wonderful poets both old & new ;-)

My dear sil told me of this beautiful book yrs & yrs ago and has also inpsired many a lovely reading .

This photo is not that great because of the flash but it can give you an idea of how we illustrate the poems via water colour or bees wax crayons & whatever
Again our children are very creative individuals .This is some of the work done by our girls I have framed . I'm working on one for the boys art work now .

The boys absolutely loved the poem The Caterpillar by Christina Rossetti