Friday, April 30, 2010

A Blessed Bealtaine

I must say I am totally unprepared for this festival ! It is not as if we will be able to rig up a maypole celebration with snow in the forecast possibly on Sunday . However the Scots also celebrated this day a tad later in the month . We have been blessed with a very early spring but in a way this is not good as all my lilies have budded up about 4in and I worry some of the sensitive plants shall freeze. Of course the crabgrass loves this now damp & cold weather
When I was reminded of Bealtaine celebrations I immediately thought of Gramma Grace and the flowers in her hair Here she is making flower garlands . She and her sisters were out in the fields that day . I think it is just so beautiful .
I have only done the maypole dance once when my school put one on in the park. It was very cold then like today and most of the kids gave up . But it was fun to watch and get the idea . Now of course people cannot go into the park & chop a tree down ;-)
This is also a wonderful season to cleanse & bless our homes

You know I love this book ! I have a feeling in the isles it is a lot warmer this time of yr then in central Canada . They list this celebration as one in the summer season ! However there are some songs & ideas which can be used such as recipes or crafts . We don't have fresh flowers yet to cut but we can make paper tissue ones . Crowns for the boys .
I'm thinking I might make my lemon rose cake with candied violets for a special treat .

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wonderful Wood & a Young Man's Project

This is our ds14 Wise Owl & his big sister Natasha who came home on business . She was given 2 extra days because she has family here . She also stayed with us instead of hotel so we had much added time with her . It also was her 29th birthday this month ! Her little big brother worked hard for a whole day on this project. I hadn't a clue what he was working on .He is our bog inventor around here . Just as an example I had a dream the other night dh & I awoke to our whole yard being wrapped in clear tape ;-) in the dream when I asked ds the "why ? " question his responce was " Oh, It was just an idea " lol , even in my dream I was calm and collected , no bother , this is who he is , how he learns .He totally could try wrapping the whole yard in packing tape , I'd be cool with that ;-)
However he did not , he worked all day on this beautiful work for his sis . below are the pics

He actually sawed this off a huge piece of driftwood , he then sanded it smooth

He then did his wood burning designs , he does do images too but loves doing the freestyle design as well

He then took the finished piece and polished it with oil scented with essential oils & herbs

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Got Mail !

This is the old box . It lasted a good 10 yrs. My friend Mary said she'd love it for her garden , however I think I shall keep it here on the stoop & plant a nice ivy in it .
Yes , it is no secret I love love love snail mail ! I also love mailboxes . This is an idea I have for our ds14 to put his woodworking skills to good use & earn a bit of an income as well. Selling mailboxes , raised boxes & window boxes . Perhaps chicken coops as well too. I think these items could be a big hit out at the lake for cottagers .
So my old mailbox was really rotting away . I needed something new & fresh looking . I want to paint the mailbox for the different seasons . We had this lumber in Feb and I wanted to paint a winter scene on it but as You will see it took a few more months and with spring Equinox come & gone the snow theme seemed a tad outdated ;-) below are some pics for you to enjoy . The finished product
except Mum wasn't finished

I went with the forest theme this time I was big on yellow as well I may also paint a garden scene on the sides yet

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Forest Days

Well , if you like pictures , you know me the visual person I am and my absolute passion of the boreal forest , there are going to be many photos up on this one ;-) My blogy blog is doing that weird thing where the sidebar has moved to the bottom .This is apparently due to some link that is to long being added .Only I do not recall adding any links . all areas in life have their cliches blogs are most certainly not excluded . It is forecast to rain & even thundershower today so I am having fun and preparing a write up on herbs, gardening & raising green kids for our natural living blog . I also have some great book , tea & other items for May in honour of the Mothering month so please pop in if you like . For now I leave you with these memorable images of our spring time journey. What a view ! I just love this shot of uncle Dusty's head
jack & lizzie are siblings here you see them stick sharing

Boys do love to knock down rotten trees, yes they do

We walked into the deep dark woods

and came upon this ! These reminded me of the fungi I saw on Christer's blog dated april5th they appeared to be upside down .Which made me wonder , on what side of the world then is a fungus upside down lol

This fungi fills up with water and we always feel they must be a bird bath or bathing fountain for faeries possibly

The squirrels enjoy this stump as well

This was a great under shot baby spruce , I love that the children can see this cycle of old & new , how it is continuous

I can imagine some furry little fellow makes his home here

Uncle Dusty stops for a tasty drink

A good walking stick also comes in handy for poking puddles
This is my mother's abandoned truck 1940's perhaps ?
much dead fall of course and spring is best for collecting birch bark
Jack on deer trail

I loved this shot , the sun made him all aglow

my jack jack

it was hard to keep track of wise owl because he roams the bush alone

Adventure Boy on deer trail

deer trail
it was so funny the dogs would pop in and out of the bush
this is a trail that we run on
if you look close you can see her , she is the same colour as the grass . Jojo loves the bush just as much as the big doggies do.
these are some of my fav spots under the spruce & balsam the path is so smooth with the needles
Yes there were still spots of snow but not as much as there often is for March. Usually we can ski or snowshoe on into end of March.

old tree stumps are fascinating

baby balsam
lichen , moss & other such stuff

stony berry


sunder growth spruce

yep, proof there are deer
snow patch

follow that trail
I have to say deer trails seem to actually lead us places , where those rabbit trails always lead us off in no apparent direction what so ever new pine
Pine bough
dead pine
jack went crazy whenever he found a snow patch no matter how small
I am in love with this stand of birch I take it's pic almost every change of season
dark forest is so welcoming
Once again , I love our dogs