Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Days

          Yes , we are gearing up for those summer days . We are also taking the 3 full months of June , July & August off  computer !  We begin our summer by taking off to Gramma's next weekend to do some collecting , driftwood, sand , stones etc. Still house hunting so keep those prayers a coming ☺
My focus is once again to simplify things , focus on reading writing & nature .
 Our home school theme is gardening botany & Native American stories etc. I'm also throwing in some freshwtare activities with all the exposure to lake , pond & wetlands we have here . The children , dogs & dh also arrived home with a little garter snake something I was not to thrilled about as I'm more and more into leaving our wildlife where it belongs @ home in it's own natural environment ! However having been found in the inner city I'm not sure on the survival rate on that .
 Below are some pics and books suggestions we are looking at for the summer . Enjoy & we will see you in summers end ☺ ☼

This is our garden all tilled up and ready for planting

Wise owl & Adventure Boy both have their own spaces . I'm excited to see how this project turns out !

I got the idea to turn my little herb garden into a tea garden . I'm painting an antique oak table bright blue & an old chair bright yellow . I think they will go fabulous here .
This is an old washtub that bottomed out . I've planted a creeping Rosemary , wild mint & of course creeping charlie found his way in too ☺ The plate is a broken plate our dog Lizzie knocked off the table .I knew it belonged in my tea garden .

We first learned of fairy houses about 15 yrs ago on the CCM list these books are delightful ☺
 The idea reminded me of how I grew up making little houses beneath the trees in the forest as my mother also did as a child bringing along a favourite doll or stuff animal .

This is more like a fairy house the other more like a cottage I love to decorate this up during the warmer months ☺

Adventure Boy Plant Books
The Kids Herb Book is what I am using with Adventure Boy It is full of songs , plant info & stories .
Along with Walking the World in Wonder  which is good because it lists plants by season .

Wise Owl Plant Books

Wise Owl will be using both Botany in a Day & The Botany Coloring Book

Books for The Whole Family
We do like the draw books   I am also working on finding a nice watercolour book for the whole family 
I also would like to include the theme of botany in our artist study & art and the gals over at 4real had several great suggestions . Thanks Ladies ☺
Ok I cannot say enough good about this author Michael Caduto  this season we are using together for read aloud & our gardening learning etc. his Keepers of Life & Native American Gardening  

I am also investing in this Pond & Brook as our library does not have it but I am confident it will be just as good as his others ☺

Our Enjoyment Reading

lol when would we not enjoy reading ☺here are just a few samples

Adventure Boy Reading

Andrew Goes Fishing in Manitoba is written by a local author & The Large & Growly Bear is a family cottage fav .

We have not read Honey Honey Lion yet but we love Jan Brett so we assume it is awesome ! We also love love Paul Goble and his books  so I think I'll throw in a bunch for Adventure Boy ☺

I found this poem book at the thrift the other day ! I felt the imagery etc. went well with summer months . We also have not read Five Bushel Farm but I see it is carried by Bethlehem Books so we know it must be good ☺

Wise Owl Selection
This book is by Garry Paulsen  we are not familiar with his works but he reminds me of the American version of Farley Mowat . Wise Owl is still very much into learning his survival skills  so has many books out on that . He is also working on perfecting his clay oven making skills . Which right now he is learning from the book Baking Bread with Children  by author Warren Lee Cohen  
 I am also thinking possibly Robin Hood , Swiss Family Robinson & School of The Woods

Mum Summer Reads
Here are just a few of my summer reading selections . I am so looking forward to Her Mother's Hope recommend by my gal pal Susan ☺ Country Poems by Caroline Foley is a book my mother loaned me & it has seasonal poems which make it the perfect ongoing reading .

I am really in an Emerson mood ☺ & really looking forward to reading Herbs & the Earth by Henry Beston

Now if I have anymore time on my hands I will get my eyes into this new Book by Susan Wittig Albert

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dog Days

I'm gearing up to post about our summer plans & goals but for now I thought I'd post a few more of my amature dog videos ☺

This first one is another of our little jojo trying to get up the ladder at the lake . She did actually get up one time .

This next video is of our two lovable muttskies Jack & Lizzie . They love love water and have so much fun !

Monday, May 10, 2010

JoJo a little girl in the world

I'm not quite sure yet how to do this posting a video thing . Hope this works somehwhat well .

A Lovely Day

Look what arrived at the door 10am Mothers Day ! Yes, our eldest dd 29 Natasha Rose sent myself , her gramma & even her sister who is also a mum each our own bouquet ! I was so surprised. I was outside cleaning the van for our next outing and there at my door was the delivery fellow .
Then dh gave me my much needed brand new small spade to dig up that silly burdock which keeps popping up.
 We then took a drive to one of our fav forest spots & beaches @ Balsam Bay. or what we fondly refer to as Rocky beach ;-)
I retrieved more falt stones for the garden & the dogs had a great swim . I even made a video of jojo I'll try and get it up today if I can .
I have to admit I was spoiled this whole Mum day & weekend  . The Saturday before I had taken off with just the doggies and went picking wild violets . Soon to be candied . It was a beautiful sunny day and I found many violets and patches of wintergreen as well. The dogs found an old deer caruss to roll in which then led me to have to drive to the lake and of course if I am at the lake I best stop and see my mother ! So I did .I stopped and a cup of tea with Mum .
Here is a pic of she and I while she is waiting the arrival of  my brother Kevin . This was taken while at my grandmother's place . As she watched us while Mum went to hospital .
Here I am with Gramma Grace my inspiration to forever live life simply , hoping to have my own little Rose Cottage one day ☺
 I hope Your Mother's day turned out just as nicely . Today is now very cold & rainy and turning into a book in bed day , maybe I'm meant to be spoiled just a little longer ☺

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Charlotte Mason Mind

 I've been struggling lately in my spiritual life & schooling life . I find that when one area of our life is unsettled it is often like that other areas become stressed as well.
 I had read a post on the 4real forum awhile back and it stuck in me , uneasy , leaving me with that I'm not being the good enough homemaker , school teacher Mum again . The issue of simplicity arises and I honestly felt insulted & angry as I feel many other women feel just the way I do and may fall into that rap of trying to be like or falling into what image is.
 Some blogs are so far from simplicity as I've said they can make a head spin . You are left not knowing literally where you are , what do do and your mind is left kerfuffled ! So many click here , click theres so many trips to a craft store etc.
 I was reminded then when I turned to my meditation ~ always our source when facing a disturbance .
 I was left with the question ~ What would CM think of all this computer stuff ? All this overstuffed homeschool blog stuff. Twaddle ? All the books & activities listed are sworn to be wholesome & healthy for us . Yet it is just to much !
 I think also of the CM state of mind . My grandmother's state of mind . Few good books rather then much . Handicrafts and nature walks , real measuring tapes instead of countless oodles of money spent on the latest natural gadget be it waldorfy or not . Using rosehips & acorns for counters .
 My grandmother did have a radio & record player for listening . My mother still has her scarpebook over 65 yrs old still intact made with cutouts & flour paste . Drawings on birch bark are such a treat .
 When people had to travel by horse , train and perhaps only a family or two had a vehicle in the community one made due . Older children learned carpentry because they also needed tables and chairs to use .
  I'm thinking to go thru our shelves and really tone down these books .
 I've many from my Grandmother already which are now back in print and the value goes on thru the generations . So how far should I go ? I feel the need to back off from technology . I find it a distraction and yet the world is bound to it . Trying to begin my home business without internet seems futile . Yet reality is this is also my community now . As my dear good homeschool friend prepares to re-enter school and place their children in school . Where is our community ? Truly most of my homeschool mothering friends are here online , many provinces and states away .
 I sort of long for the day to leave this machine and return to hand letters I love so much . Return to the forest I love so dearly . I know this I do not like busy , I prefer slow , peaceful contentedness .
 So a CM mind is what I am reaching for , trying to attain . I know much of this is stress do to land hunting , house hunting , the need to place ourselves in a healthier area. Lack of sleep plays the role too. I wake at night having dreamt of yet another property gone by .
     So what now ? My plan , I love preparing ;-) A tub & a tea that is what ! An Earl Grey and perhaps a nice natural learning or Ideals mag . Then to begin our shelve cleaning process ! I also know I am going to straighten out this blog a bit . Take out most of the book pics on the sidebar and just have titles. Also just a few titles not huge overloads . I am revisiting all my fav CM books & thinking to order the Parent Review Copies if they are still available .
It is almost 2pm !  I must get to my priorities , my goodness .