Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feather Identification , please !

 I am wanting to decorate up two feathers we found on my cousins property . We are not sure what they are because located next to the dump it could be turkey vulture , eagle , osprey , pelican or who knows what . the Canadian  geese have all passed by  now so we do not think the feathers belong to them . We have found eagle feathers before either spotted or darker then these. We've seen dead pelican before up close and I do not remember them having brown colouration at all. these are quite pointy on the top the center is all white right thru it does not change colour. The feathers appear a tan , light brown colour until nearing the top begin to turn a darker brown .The big one is 19in the smaller is 15in lol yes I took a pic of them on the cookie sheet I thought the colour might show up better
 So if You have any idea what these are please please post your thoughts ! Thanks a Bunch , Roxie ☺☼

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tea Talk ~ Inspiration

I am participating in The wonderful meme Tea Talk by Ruth today over at Celebrate Freindship

Guidelines for Tea talk

I am having : I  started out with coffee this morning but have switched to my lovely lavender/ rose tea in this beautiful pansy mug dh gave me for Christmas 3 yrs ago ☺

I am feeling : Uplifted ! I feel growtrh happening and it is wonderful ! It is a lovely cool rainy day , reminds me of my Grandmother Grace . It feels like a cottagy day , iris & birch trees & I am inspired to sit down at my cottage writing desk today & do some inpsirational writing with a nice pot of tea .

On My Mind : I must get swimming lessons out of the way today then I can settle in with tea & writing ☺

this is one of my favs

There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.


Small Successes

 I found this meme via A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings today and felt it was just the one for me today ☺ Those of You who visit me know my ups and downs and know I've been having quite a few of the downs , drains , dulls of late but I must say this week has become an uplifting one and because of Yes small successes ., realistic achievments , accomplished goals however small help rebuild my inner motherly strength ☺ lol silly me I noticed I actually posted this to one of my other blogs
To participate, just write up a list of 3 of your recent Small Successes and post it on your blog along with the Small Successes button

#1 This week I acheived the goal of of cleaning out my blog list of blogs I follow ! This was a somewhat long task & took two days but I now only have those blogs which I find supportive & do not leave me feeling less than ☺we are going offline June 17th for summer months !

#2 No where near finished but I feel a big relief in that I began to structure our homeschool outline for summer months & next term again I found simplicity was my key , sticking to a few books for each child and us as a family learning unit also we are to be studying no more then 3 books at a time per subject , that is it . So far I can handle this ☺

#3 I realized I am not the only one suffering stress over this house hunting issue ! My dh is just as exhausted , drained and feels like dragging his feet . Funny how we forget about the emotional well being of our other half at times . Once I made that realization I've been putting more effort into being supportive for him . My dh does not have communityy as I do he works with some pretty rough around the edges kind of fellows etc. so he just flops when he returns home . Yesterday I made him this fantastic supper ! I found it at October Farm one of my fav blogs especially for yummies . The dinner was excellent and as dh loves lasanga it was a big hit . He then perked up & took dogs & kids for a run , back to his normal self ☺ all it takes is a little attention on our part and not a big thing either .

#4 yes I'm cheating lol but I have to absolutely include this . I got the fridge cleaned yesterday ! Yes I did ! We have a new friedge and it is strange but I told dh it seems for some reason this new one needs cleaning more often .It just appears to get more spots , globs and smudges all round then the old one . He says it is because the old one was so beat up I never felt it had to keep up appearances lol ☺