Monday, September 20, 2010

Nature Days

 I feel I've been neglecting our homeschool blog somewhat lately so planning to add some posts throughout the season on our field trips & natural history finds ☺ I so so want to get into
letter boxing ! I keep putting it off , which is ridiculous with all our traveling we do , it would be so easy to bring the items along ☺
    So as You know I am a big sucker for photos .I'm such a visual person so I tend to really soak them up .Which is also why I'm such a sucker for Internet & beautiful pleasing to the eye blogs ☺
   Of course below You will find some ( lol ok not some  but many ) of our recent nature finds & outings .
 Enjoy ! ☺

Adventure Boy loves to walk , he is very silent rarely making a peep

he is excellent at spotting birds such as eagles

what a gorgeous glider !

Lake Winnipeg is the most gorgeous body of fresh water we know ☺

Wise Owl is the go out and try it kinda fellow and this autumn his focus has been mushrooms of the boreal forest

ok in between mushrooms Mum has made him stop and pick the rose hips too ☺

Harvest time ☺

He finds such interesting mushrooms out there !

Adventure Boy loves the giant fungi !
Ok he also cannot resit a dried puffball ☺

poof puffball !

Autumn colours !

Ok we know this is a Grouse but is it ruffed Grouse or Prairie ? or are they the same ?

we all have our thing , while Mum found sage
Dad found a tree ☺

Granny & mr. silly ridiculous love their walks too
He has the bestest teacher in grampa
a very gentle man with a gentle touch helping his grandson learn to twirl seeds into the air

Grampa helps his grandson find a toad

they put him back as he was beginning hibernation
Both Wise Owl & Adventure Boy were so excited as they found this little fellow  atop the moss on our latest forest outing .

Amazing Agriculture

Those of You who know us , know we have been pursuing our dream & looking for land for close to 10 yrs now. It is in fact 7 yrs since for certain hearing His word  ☺
 We had no idea how long and how patient He would ask us to be ☺
 however everything is for a reason and we feel it is because He knows each and everyone one of us best .He knows our family and He knew for in His plan what it would take to prepare us for this plan .
 We are not move to the country , buy ATV drink beer and watch satellite TV kind of people .
He knows we are trying to live our lives for Him as best we can in the natural process of life which He gives .
 This means much time for preparation not just going on a whim , a fling etc.
So while We have been searching for land we also have been studying methods of farming , ways to live in which not to destroy but to be self sustaining and if anything had more back if possible .
 We are for certain drawn to and have a calling to sustainable & organic types of framing / agriculture , home making etc.

I personally feel a connection to this lifestyle as it is how all my grandparents & great grand parents as well as my mother were raised . Both sides from very extreme environments but both equally living off the land in the natural environment the way it was and is given .

So while living in the city we continue to leave and return to practice these traditions that in fact within one generation were almost lost !
 We wish to try harvesting

local crops
and producing our own product to use ourselves, share with friends and eventually offer to city dwellers as local products

People need to be realistic too . As I mentioned we are not looking for the playing pretend country folk. We know full well the hard ship , that shall await us. Our lives have not been smooth as of yet so why would that change ☺ Real life does involve being over tired , sore body parts , suffering , however with this choice to live life naturally much pure joy & grace abound ☺ I see it in the lives of my ancestors and in the legacy my dh & I are leaving now for our own children and grandchildren .
I am assured leading this life & plan He has for us is absolutely it and our children are our fruit & proof of we have been making the right choices
Although we feel called and drawn to this certain method and lifestyle choice in agriculture .It does not mean we turn our backs on technology and what the world views as progress. If anything we wish to see if there is a value for it , a place where new ideas will fit , and also it is very necessary to see what does not work , give back or lead us to live in that which brings us in union with our Creator .
 So we feel it very important to give the children some exposure to all , with proper guidance of course ☺
 So we have frequented several local / organic farms it was time for a homeschool outing to the University farm .
This is where my great uncle was a Prof and helped develop specific crop management etc. I sort of have my doubts if his work helped retain organic methods , seed saving practice etc. but if anything we may learn what not to do or put into practice . This is finding the good from the negative ☺

So as we went off on our first homeschool field trip of the season
Wise Owl & Adventure Boy listened intently

Wise Owl decided it was a factory not a farm .
 The University certainly runs its farm like a big mega farm not the local homestead or organic farm

They saw & learned about modern dairy & Holstein
my gramma preferred a Guernsey

We learned why pigs are all the same size
when from the mega hog farms

Computers do the work
 When it comes to chickens Free Range is not what the majority believe it to be
 read this

Wise Owl like his Dad is very interested in

I must say this woman gave a great promotion of cattle raising and the use of manure be it bison , cow , horse is a big plus ☺

There was just not enough time in the bee keeping section !

 Soil & Crop info
was also
very interesting

 with many a demo
here Adventure Boy is helping with leafy spurge
The woman giving the display was great , very down on herbicides and big on goat promotion ☺ 
$250,000 !
 what we cannot afford !

Wise Owl loved the Auctioneer ! This was a cookies auction ☺ lots of fun !