Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkin Farm Day II

Yes ! We finally have more blogger space ! So I can now continue on updating these bloggy blogs ☺
and here we have it more pics of our wonderful homeschoolers field trip ☺
Adventure Boy just couldn't get enough , he loved it so much !

 he found this climbing net

 a real spider man

 there he is my little sweetie pie

he loved this slide !

lol that look he was a bit terrified as it was fast !

he really loved this spot ☺

ok Mum had to have one more pic with the goat ☺

Adventure Boy loved this part !

what fun we had !

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin Farm Day

Tis the season !
Today Adventure Boy & I took off for a homeschool field trip all on our own . Wise Owl is fighting a chest infection so he needed to stay in and get some well needed rest.
Adventure Boy upon leaving the farm today said " I could stay here all day " so with that we took a really nice drive north and had lunch at one of our fav diners in a little we town which still offers horizontial  parking along the street
 We saw pumpkin after pumpkin today and yes Mum saw her goats ;-)
I must say that wicked Picassa has told me I must purchase more space !!
 Hence I am not finished with posting all our wonderful pics of the day !

Monday, October 11, 2010

Just a Peek ☺

I did it ! Yes fruit cakes are all made , soaked in rum , & wrapped up tucked away in storage until Dec. Thought You'd like a little sneak peek at what yummies we have waiting ahead for us .
Enjoy !

I told dh No the left overs of this rum bottle  are for soul cakes next month !!

 soak cheese cloth then poke cakes with tooth pick and soak cakes as well with dark rum ☺

wrap in wax paper with ribbon and store 2-3 months

Friday, October 8, 2010

Homeschool Days !

Ok , I know I know I've said it so many times already but I have just got to say once again I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING !! Yes
 I once again feel so so blessed we have made this choice to do so.
 Can You believe people still judge us on this choice !!!
I thought for certain by the time I was nearing 50 yrs and on our 5th & 6th child at home people would at least be respectful of our choices as mature responsible parents that we are !! nope.
 however I am now olde !! the groovie olde granny and I don't give a hoot what people think !!!
 We /I love our homeschool life .
 I love for all the hardships our adult children are having via employment etc. that we have the most caring , respectful , healthy individuals out there sharing with the world all because of our healthy parenting choices !!

I also have to say I am so impressed at how many homeschoolers there are now !!
 We love our homeschool field trips . Our eldest children used to go on these alot with their gramma when I was home with the babies !
Michelle the lovely lady who organizes them all these yrs is now only homeschooling her baby !! who is 13 !
I also met a homeschool Mum chum who is my dear friend Katherine I'd lost touch with over the yrs !!
Her eldest ds who will be 30 yo went to school with our Natasha who will also be 30 yo !!! Then like us homeschooled off and on .
Well Katherine has had a long journey just as our family but she is back in the city after a life in the North and she has a ds 13 !!
I love the affirmations we are given when life may not feel so right on track .
I'd had almost 3 near car accidents , because of construction drove right by the nature center and had to apologize to our dear boys for the foul tongue I had on that drive !!!

 Never you mind , nature center and homeschoolers was just what the Creator ordered !

 We were rewarded with wonderful sights


and a great teacher !

 so off we went on our navigation expedition .

trying to spot landmarks

ok Adventure boy is a slow poke like his momma ☺

Wise Owl was torn between catching up with the group or waiting on us ;-)

there are several lagoons and the younger children were scooping goop


our topographical map

Wise Owl soon ditched us hurray !!!

Adventure boy takes awhile to fit in he is so shy ☺

However he was soon in his group

learning about GPS how it works and how it does not work under the northern lights !!!
our guide said he tried it under the lights and when he checked his paper map the GPS had told him he was somewhere in NC !!! he was near Thunder Bay ON . lol

so off we went

 finding our points

however with 9yo leading the way we tended to go off in several directions ☺

we found tamarack

fluffy tails

walk ways

 ok stinky trains we just could not escape !

 happy Adventure boy

 tall grasses


and geese

 I love reflections

 we made it back !!

 tis the season ☺

up high Adventure boy ☺

Ok one shot of Mum please

a nice lady walking by took our pic for us . turned out ok but I think he wanted to run on with his buddies ;-)
Oh Yes I love Love the Homeschool Life !!