Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Healthy Homemaking

I have been so inspired this week by other homeschooling mothers who are also wonderful homemakers & specifically one blogger Mum Gae .
 Her blog Cherished Hearts at Home  is one of my all time fav blogs and most certainly is right at this moment.
I often get distracted by the things others are doing in their wonderful lives. Fell I too should be doing the same etc. I forget that many of my friends are working , some are single , some have only teens . The point is we are all unique and asked to work how best we can within our own family unit .
Once again I was reminded that I wished to focus on my homemaking skills , making crafts & reading & writing .
 In particular Gramma Grace's letters which dh feels I am to somehow transform into book form .
 I think this is a wonderful idea but my dh is also practical & he told me it could take a few yrs to go through all her writings , sort them and get them into print .
I also feel our children need me again to spend more time with them .
 In fact our ds14 Wise Owl specifically has asked this .of me ! Now when a teenager asks Mum & Dad to spend more time with them that is a huge mature action for him to take . To both wish to be with his parents and also express he needs and wants time with them ☺
I'm hoping to make more meals together , get Wise Owl into bread making again . Adventure boy and I shall make some advent crafts & goodies I think .
I just wish to be Mum again ☺

I truly am most comfortable when doing these types of things . Baking , crafting , making things for others . Frankly at times I don't even want a shop to run  I just wish I could give my crafty & herbal items to people .
 I think I may join Gae's Hearts for Home to help me remain focused on my role as Mum .

Yes I did finish the curtains for the kitchen ! I do think they look very cottagy ☺
 I also think they will look wonderful in a home in the woods when we finally do find a place ☺
 So I am now off to make a nice warm batch of molasses ginger cookies for my sweetie pies .

Friday, November 12, 2010

Advent , Yule & Christmas Prep

Yes can I say it now ! Can I talk about it now ☺
 I think so because soon I shall have to be sending Christmas cards out the door !
 So yes the time to prep is now !!!
I/ We are so looking forward to snow & preparing the home for winter months but mostly the Advent / Christmas Season !
 First off I must clean house !
 I am starting with books of course !
 I'm almost all stalked up on baking supplies .
 Cards are my first task though . I want to find a really nice card this yr.
My Gramma always had a thing for bells . She always had bells in the house her camel bells we called them as they were from the Middle East ☺ different sized brass bells strung on beautiful cords . So each Christmas she sent people out cards with bells on the front . Of course she also always sent me my special little winter card always with my little bird on it ☺
 So for me I always love & am drawn to the winter scenes , mostly of community which included homes , children , churches & ice rinks . Like the one above . So I am looking forward to next week venturing out to purchase a special card .
Below I shall share with You some books , ideas etc. that I enjoy this season .

Yes I like to repeat myself  . How else can we remember & learn if not from repetition ☺
 I love this book .It is absolutely my fav cookbook of all time .
 The Pioneer Lady is not to be confused with the now famous / popular pioneer woman .
 No this book is from the olden times. and it has stories & poems along with the recipes .
 I do take it to bed with me ☺
 I have not been able to read her other books as our library only has this one but from reviews she gets many stars & the books appear to be fairly inexpensive to order used .

Of course the home could not be complete with many books to encourage us to craft !
I like many of my lady friends love Tasha Tudor books .
This book is a gem .
 I love the cornucopias one Christmas for all our friends children & ours . Unfortunately compared to all the hype of all the plastic toys many of the children received the work was not valued etc. I soon stopped giving handmade gifts to most of our family members & friends .
However I realized that for us . If I wish for our family to value this work they also must partake . I also must not partake in letting plastic junk come into our home . My mother always has been this way she only has given books or the most loved memberships to museums & nature centers etc.
I also made marionettes one yr. & dh built the wooden house I use as a creche come winter time .
 This yr. I plan to make cornucopias again as usual covered in Christmas patterned cloth with lace etc. but I want to make mini ones to hang on the tree ☺

What can I say I love these festival books
by Hawthorn Press ☺

This of course being my all time fav !

I learned of this book from the CCM list yrs ago . I have never stopped using it !
 Mrs. Sharp's Traditions is wonderful . I love the inspiring ideas & the poems which begin each month .

Of  course we do some reading . I now only have 2 older boys at home but I still take these books out because we enjoy books for all ages at all ages ☺
I love this book and the illustrations by Tasha Tudor make the book complete .

 Mum likes her reading too

Love Corgiville !

I have not read this but have it on my wish list ☺

I love love this movie ! Our library only has it in reference now and I cannot take it out !
 We cannot order it here in Canada unless used but amazon has it in stock apparently !

Although not a specific to Christmas video I always crave to watch the old & new version this time of yr.
 Along with Road to Avonlea Christmas , Little house Christmas and so many others .I am a Christmas movie fan ☺

I'm not a big fan of the little little house books but a few of them have been enjoyable around here .

Don't we all remember this ☺

I think I shall try and hang  Bells on the door this yr.

 I love the woods in winter and think of Gnomes & the book the Tomten
on snowy nights

 I started the tradition of saving the yule log from our last years tree as suggested by my sister in law .
 I love this idea of having a yule fire and we try to have some type of celebration to celebrate the seasonal festivals of the Creators year ☺

In fact I am going to try and make the yummy Yule log this yr. maybe even attempt mini ones to distribute to friends & add as a selling item next yr.

Children are my greatest joy promoting me to remember to play .
I love winter with kids & dogs ☺

Of course I love preparing & decorating !

 Sharon the magic cat also enjoys partaking in family events ☺

 Of course I like to decorate the step

and make many a wreath

 We got this idea from Theresa a few yrs back & they turn out so beautiful .

Once again Tasha inspired me ☺
 I like to use cedar as it tends to be very oily so does not dry out as much . I also prefer the red candles as Tasha used . This month I hope to make advent/ yule wreaths with my gal pals .

I look forward to attending winter services once again & especially love the Misa de Gallo service.

 I love making these creches but truly wish we could do this in the forest .

 We shall bring out the antique tree stand

 and of course decorate & light up the tree ☺