Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Advent & Our Wreath !

So did You All have a good start to Advent ?
We did !
I was shocked as I did not do much preparing and had only a week earlier felt overwhelmed .
We as shown in an earlier post had gone out to pick our greenery already .
As I said before I got the idea for a hanging wreath from watching Tasha Tudor's Christmas Video
She does not hang her wreath til Dec.6th the feast of St. Nicholas and unlike catholics who tend to use the 3 purple and one rose coloured she uses red candles . I decided to go with 4 white candles mainly because they fit my little candle holders on the wreath .
I also am going to try something new and make an Advent Yule log .
which will be 1/2 a log with 4 holes drilled in for the 4 purple & rose candles . decorate it with some greenery . I haven't gotten that far yet .
My creche isn't even up yet so I am slow but getting this wreath made was and is a big achievement as it takes me hrs so I feel okay .
Below are some of the photos of the assembly and at the end the links for where I obtained the candle holders and candles .

I had picked grapevine from my Mum's property earlier last week too

I brought the cedar in from out doors to place on the wreath

I purchased green crafting wire from the dollar store to attach the cedar on .You can use twine or raffia though both of which I have used .I find wire works best to get the vine to stay in shape though .

after attaching the cedar I then wrap the whole wreath with pretty ribbon.

some yrs. I have also attached cranberries but I like it best just simple with the ribbon

now it is ready for the ribbons which it will hang from and the candle holders

I had to adjust the ribbons as it was a bit lopsided ☺

It always turns out Oh so pretty !
So I have always purchased my Waldorf crafty supplies and books from Maplerose
I can no longer see the little star candle holders I purchased from them but they still sell the Christmas tree candle holder clips which would also work for a wreath
The candles I purchase are for the Christmas chimes they fit the holders nicely .
I will be back with some other crafty crafts hopefully

Friday, November 25, 2011

Winter Outing

We had a spectacular day on Wed. our first nature group field trip out of the city ! We headed to one of our favorite beaches of all time Balsam Bay or rocky beach as the kids like to call it .
It was very warm and I did not bring snow pants along which I wish we had as there was a far bit of snow.
I really feel it is important for us to experience the same location over and over again to get the full value of nature within the 4seasons .
How lucky we are that we live in a part of the old where we truly o get 4 seasons ☺
the beginning of ice buildup on the lake is such a spectacular vision I really really try and visit a few times in late autumn & early winter .
Below are just a few of our photos of the ice sow and cedar picking and get this even a spider ! yes we discovered a spider walking a top the snow in the warm sunshine !
I made a video of this but haven't got it uploaded yet .
enjoy !

at the end we also offered a smudge

Animal Tracks

While on our field trip to Balsam Bay the other day we came across several different animal tracks .
We got out our trusty track book another great nature outing gift from Gramma over the yrs. ☺
So I'm posting a few for you to see what fun it can be to walk along and come across such interesting tracks and can you identify some of these tracks.
Don't worry if you can't get them all.
lol I may be very good at finding plants in the woods but I am always stumped when it comes to tracks ,we all have our own talents ! Even with the book I hum and haw lol
I like the teeny tiny tracks myself ☺
below are some of the photos for you to enjoy !

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A love of reading

It is no surprise to those who know me friends , family & blogland that I love to read .
That this gift was passed on via my Grandmother & Mother .
The love of the written word is my number one way to discerning .
Now I being a mother & teacher also know there are people who are not comfortable with the written word .
Having children who read merely for factual learning who do not get enjoyment from reading .
Not everyone gets their imagination stirred on by reading .
I've even struggled with this issue , does everyone need to read . Well in western & European cultures yes. It is a sad fact we've made the world a world in which people must be able to rely on reading .I don't believe this is how the world is supposed to function , but non the less it does.
I knew how hard it would be for our Wise Owl , he did not literally learn to read full on chapter books til he was 11yo and even now he only reads his science or survival books .He read his life saving book ahead weeks before his classmates .Yet as he struggled in his younger yrs with friends who attended public school he felt less than . He felt the pressure of a society that tells us we should learn to read at 5-6yo and if we don't there is something wrong with us .
Anyway I see and know the why we need to be able to read I just do not believe it is something everyone is supposed to do . many cultures lived without the written word , do they need it now ? should they become like you or I ? is it so wrong if they don't ?
What made me think of the love of reading is .Someone a few times has bragged about their genius child who0 read at 4 yo .
over the yrs has bragged at the thick books their child can and has read .
A few times this person has mentioned in a negative light her child reading picture books or what she considers juvenile .
 It really hit home to me how this person knows nothing of the love of the written word , writing nor reading .
Because the fact is someone who loves reading will have a copy of Little Bear at their beside along with Dostoevsky's Crime & Punishment
As an adult I don't just have the books by my bedside from my childhood to read to my grandson .No !
I read them !
I have almost all my fav books from when I was 2yo , through my childhood , teens , elementary & high school yrs. Those books which have gotten lost over the yrs. I've even replaced them with new copies.
I enjoy the stories now just as I did then and I get just as much out of them as I did then .
Below are a few of the books I loved in my childhood and reach for them now to read because I love them just as much .
Maybe You want to do a blog post of the books you cherish from your childhood and still carry along and read .
Just a few of my favs

Oh how I loved two pesos for Catalina !
I so wanted my own pair of leather shoes after reading her story ☺

Indian Two Feet was just like me I thought , running free in the fields !

Oh this book was so inspiring I spent months drawing different houses !
I dreamed of living in an Adobe home where you could climb ladders to different levels .Or how about sliding on a hill of Pine needles whoohoo !

This book stayed at my Grandmother's house so it was extra special

I would laugh and laugh when we read this story !

what can I say !

My cousins & I read this book over and over again .They were a set 3 boys just like the King's sons lol
Our grandson loves this story !

Okay this was my all time fav story of all time ! Probably why I wanted to go to MX so much
My Gramma gave me this book and it was very strange to me. I felt sad and scared when we'd read it , yet I loved it so !

Charlie the Tramp , our eldest boy Dacotah loved this book also ☺

I even had the record with the book !

 What the Witch Left and the Velvet Room I thought were just two of the best books ever written ☺

My Mum wore this out reading it to me .I had to get another copy !

I still remember Gramma reading me these

when I was in gr.5 I discovered the Mary Ann books by Catherine Cookson.
This author has a very interesting history .I later discovered the books were written for adults but as a child I really identified with Mary Ann so I'm glad I found them in the children's section of our library back then .I think I really realized many children have been abused .

This story always reminds me of my Gramma and the Pennsylvania dutch  culture she came from

Is it any surprise I wanted to be Pippi !

Gnomes ! My Gramma got me hooked on Fairies and Gnomes at a very young age . It was not cool where I came from at the time to be a young tween and be into Gnomes ! I loved them anyway ;-)

My Gramma gave me a copy of this .I'm planning to spend all day Thursday drinking Earl Grey tea and reading this lovely book