Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a new project ~ walking with Grace

I have been preparing to begin a new project .
It is a Blog/Journal titled Walking With Grace
One I have been thinking about for awhile now .
As some of you know I came into possession of journals and letters belonging to my Grandmother Grace awhile back.
 I have shared some of these photos and writings here on this blog . However I feel these have been given to me for a deeper purpose . I truly feel I am in some way to share my grandmother , the times , the era with others. I also wish to share how I journey with her as I read these writings . This is how I write best.
 My Grandmother was a writer and especially loved poetry .She often had her poems published .I also know it was her dream to write a book .I have in fact come across a few of her attempts .
Maybe perhaps this is a way for her to achieve her wishing to share with others via me her granddaughter .
I struggled a little with presenting this in blog form . As I know this is not the usual way a book becomes a book . However my true purpose is not to have the outcome be a published book .
 No the goal of myself as writer , I have no idea if it is like this for other writers but for me my ultimate goal is just to share . As a true painter or someone who plays music or anything which is truly a passion .
 So I've set up the blog just to journal along to share what I read from Grace's work and how she journeys  with me as a CChristian  woman , wife & Mother .
I am also debating which of my other blogs to keep going as I truly wish to dedicate my time and real effort into Walking With Grace
I'll spend the rest of this week finishing up posts on the other blogs and then begin writing / journal beginning next week .
I hope You will join me
Thank You & God Bless

Thursday, February 17, 2011

True Sweethearts

Well I kind of blew it . this was supposed to be up for Valentines . But of course bering our family we have the flu instead !
I had been saving this one picture I found to post on valentines day ☺
I also found this same little valentines card tucked away with the photo
I found the photo of my grandparents Alfred ( Ferade ) & Grace a few months back
It is in thier honeymoon period .
No children yet .
 It was always thier dream to move further up the lake into even more wilderness.
Nature was a part of thier everyday life & how they both as one connected to God .

Is this not such a beautiful picture . She is wearing her buckskin coat and holding a bunch of wild flowers . Her hat ! I still cannot figure out the hat .It almost looks like there is bead work on the hat.
  He is so calm yet he also looks like his jokster self like he is only calm for that phto then he is going to burst out in heavy laughter ☺
Alfred & Grace are my most wonderful example of a loving Christian couple .
True Sweet hearts

We like to say this is thier wedding photo but really I don't think it was taken the same day as .Thier wedding is a real story in itself. They paddled across the lake in a canoe and it was stormy too . They arrived and had to spend the night with the minister and his wife ☺
My grandfather made his own canoes too !

This is me & my sweetheart @ the same area my grandparents are from

This was our wedding day ! Imagine we'd been to scared to get married for 16 yrs and now we've been married 11 yrs ☺ horray !!!

This wasn't our wedding but I just love the pic so much with Fr.Robert . He and Bob have the exact samer name and during the wedding ceremony when  he said " I Robert Paul " he paused for a long time . people were beginning to wonder . Later he told us that he and Bob have the exact same first & middle name so it stunned him lol

I usually make valentines sweets with the kids and this is our little sweet heart our grandson mr. silly ridiculous ☺
He loves making cookies with his granny

You can see he loves those sprinkles

lol this was so funny I told him to put the sprinkles on his new cookie . I then turned around and ! lol sprinkle over load

We make lots for the kids

Then I usually make these lavender rose cookies for all my sweethearted girl friends ☺

last yr. I made a valentine tree. I sewed these little felt hearts

and I hung them on the top of the old Christmas tree ☺

I made the hearts like mini pockets so we can stuff candies inside ☺

Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Oh Lord & Lady
please keep me small
teeny tiney
let me be forever open , to acknowldge the wrong choices  
 rather then live life on the assumption one is forever right
forever bendable


I have been thinking of community lately , how not to many of us would be called to a hemitage lifestyle ☺ like San Charbel or ST.Bennedict etc.
I love and crave silence but I am not called to live alone and isolated by myself . Not today anyway ☺
 I am so so Thankful lately for the community of Mothers I have come to know here online & in my own personal close community here . Some of us have been friends for over 25 yrs now !
 I feel so encouraged as Mother & Homemaker .
 More and more I am so happy to remain small in my role . It is so much more important to be to remain at home .
I found all these great pics the one above from Gae over at Cherished Hearts ☺
I love how we remain small humble homemakers yet share so much !
 I love the readings lately too. I always have felt and used the example of our fruit is our children . Our good fruit , our produce from working hard with Him ☺ and the readings have all been about our gifts , sharing those gifts with others & being witness His testimony.
Is that not exactly what all these beautiful ladies are doing ? !
 Yes ! I am so touched and inspired by this sharing it passes on His light and I in turn wish to share .
I can't say how much these ladies have helped me this month .Feb. is a very very difficult month to get through here in central Canada . we may in fact have 2 more months of winter ! I love winter but it is also mundane at times .
With so many gals out owrking .I am really really so grateful for my online stay at home Mums ☺
For now I hope You will enjoy the pictures
I'm going to read Wren Bay my Cherished night book right now
God Bless

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tea with Our Lady Lourdes & A Treat for Self

Yes Happy feast day to you ☺
I have a special love for the apparitions which ST. Bernadette experienced at Lourdes .I always have felt the connection for our 2nd dd Jasmine and these apparitions . I don't know the why it could be her french heritage but it is for certain a Mother's special gift to see & know her children's special devotions and saints they walk with ☺
I have been feeling quite burnt out this past week.
 Not the burnout we experience when homeschooling many little ones but just the burnout of life being to busy in general and the drain of looking for our homestead is taking a toll on us as a family.
 I found that having a new computer perhaps I added to much computer life in . We'd been without for so long and then bam not only do I have a computer I have wireless Internet !
I can read & write in bed now lol
I took a few days off fb and have just been enjoying reading other blogs on homemaking .
I wasn't going to post on any of my own blogs either but felt a little inspired today .
I wasn't sure how we'd celebrate this feastday .
I know I am a bit backwards but I am beginning the novena to Our Lady Lourdes today and ending it on Jasmine's birthday which is exactly 10 days from now ☺she shall be 25yo !
I have a few books I pulled out
There is a great activity inside to build your own mini grotto .
 However I only just took the book out last evening , I have no supplies except a Lourdes prayer card and frankly I just wanted to have a very laid back more reflective time .
Well last night I got the urge to eat coffee cake !
 I think it is the wacky weather in Feb.
This made me think
Teatime !
 I have been a big time slacker I am certain teatime has not been held officially for months now !
The kids all love this so why did I stop ?
we all have our slumps .
so coffee cake it was . I set the table nicely with a spring time tablecloth & set out the teacups we all love .Wiseowl loves the cup with the birch tree & adventure boy chose the pine cones . mine is Queen Anne and I felt it very appropriate for Our Lady's day ;-)
I took out some steadfast poetry & nursery rhyme books .
 I then looked up the history of Lourdes the town and area so we could read about it .
 I used to know the area where dh family originated from but have since forgotten . their last name is after a certain type of tree from a specific region of France , kind of neat I thought ☺
Then something specific to read regarding the apparitions themselves
Well this is my all time fav book of saints etc. for children .
 It is / was put out by Leaflett Missal Company
I have no idea if they carry it any longer however CHC seems to carry a similar book with the artists same work and the Saints Flash Cards appear to be the black & white pics from in my book .
 There is a nice but not to long description of ST.Bernadette and Our Lady's apparitions .
Then a prayer to follow.
 This was just right for us .
Now I am going to begin a very easy dinner for dh one of his favs , tuna cassarole ☺

I am treating myself this evening to two special heart , mind & soul pleasing delights .
I am so so loving & enjoying my new copy of Wren Bay !
 I am trying to only read one chapter per night because I often get so upset when I finish a book I want it to last lol
Right now I am going to take my tea and sit and watch this movie

I've not seen it but one of my fb pals recommended it .
I think it will be just what I need ☺
It looks like it may be a good Valentine movie as well but I couldn't wait to watch it .
From ordering this movie I now see that our library has many many more Hallmark movies !
So when I return this one I shall order another . Isn't that a great way to get through Feb. !! 
Just in case
Here is the link for the Novena to Our Lady Lourdes

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Healthy Happy Homemaking

I've had this post sitting here waiting to begin for weeks in response to reading
Since reading her post I have really been enjoying browsing & reading other Ladies blogs about homemaking & homesteading .
(I'll list a few links below )
To me a happy homemaking day is a day of comfort & a day including joy , a day where we realize the beautiful family we are and who we have been created to be .
Often it is a day I make bread , we may celebrate a feast day. Friends may arrive for a potluck , children go off with friends ice skating returning home happy for a warm supper .
I believe very strongly we pass on behaviours to our children .Both good & bad .
So it is very important to me to not become distractions in my own life . To remain content in my role as homemaker is of the utmost importance .
In a world that often leaves us feeling we are not enough if we are not out making an income , we are not useful if we are not working outside the home .
God will never have us go do work outside the home if our work inside is not flowing smoothly.
I have seen to many times a parent become unsure & unstable in their role as homemaker , parent & in their own faith . When parents are unstable this leads our children to feel uncertain . How can they know what or whom to trust ?
The issue of legacy is also very very import to me .
What we leave behind . Of what shall be remembered . I'm not talking about community or the world .Just within our own family. What we leave behind for our children , a strong foundation of faith & family centered stability for them to go and build their own families on .

Of course I have  to look after myself in order to provide the nourishment for my family .
What nourishment do I get for myself ?
When I have a balanced prayer life the rest of my life falls into place . My vocation is mother but I also was created a missionary & intercessor . This is from the birth and works smoothly with my role as mother .I believe spiritual formation is a must for adults & children both and it is a blessing one can discover God's plan of life for themselves sooner rather then later ☺someone who may have been created a missionary but their vocation is priest may have very different spiritual work then I .
God will never have you do work that will allow your life to be kaotic and dysfunctional .If You are to work outside of the home as some mothers do their lives will also run & function smoothly ☺
The work I do is within my daily life I am to first be missionary /intercessor in my relationship with Him true union , then with my own family , then if need be in community .
So caring for the gift of ones own life is very important ☺
I wish to pass a love for all creation to

our own children

as well as our grandchildren ☺
so they become the beautiful individuals they are created to be .
So they too may develop a complete relationship in union with God
if this is accomplished then I truly have been a healthy happy homemaker

Homemaking & Homesteading

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On my Book Shelf

Ok , I'm going to make a lame attempt to list my reading for this week ☺
I was inspired by a few other Catholic homeschool Mums who are celebrating reading awareness month .
I have been in a reading funk . which some people I realized do not go through this . I told my mother about the funk and she hadn't a clue what I was talking about .
We are however very different readers .I am addicted to passion writing . Like Gabriel Marquez & Sarah Addison Allen      people tell me I would love Isabel Allende
I have to say some books are so intence they effect my dreams !
Thomas King and Dostoyevsky do the same thing for me ☺
I finsihed reading Her Daughter's Dream the sequel to Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers
I loved these books very much . The kind of book that keeps you up til early morn . However once done the soul is uneasy. The story is over but You loved the story you want more but it is over.
So you search for a book to be just as good to provide that same soothing nourishment we need to grow and inspire us into our daily lives.
I'd pick up a book , nope not it . This book searching stirs my soul at times , and why wouldn't it . When reading is such an intense part of your spiritual development .
 So perhaps just a time to be calm and reflect .
I needed simple to start . This led me to pick up Kahlil Gibran , Oscar Romero & Chief Dan George
Gibran is very intense yet also simple sort of like reading the psalms ☺
That was just what I needed .
I'm ok now ;-)
I picked up the Susan Wittig Albert book I've had sitting on my nightstand for months . Of course I love it ! I also have The Good Earth which my friend Lisa-Marie reccommended .
Spiritually I have a book on early Celtic Christanity & Water, Wind , Earth & Fire The Christian Practice of Praying With the Elements      the later book is just full of quotes & practices from saints , Canadain councel of Bishops etc. it is a wonderful little book so far .
 love love to have books that are enriching & inspire me in my role as woman , Mum , Wife & Granny ☺
I have a copy of Wren Bay on its way and this should just fit the bill on that .
There is a site  discovered  for Christian Historical Fiction ! I 've ordered a few books from the library so I will soon find out if I like this type of writing .
also I like to read online of course and am really enjoying visiting again those homemaking & homesteading blogs ☺
I am also enjoying reading the writings from the monks  at Blue Cloud Abbey
Ok I actually read all day long . I pick up recipe books and of course Feb. means seed catalogues !!!