Monday, March 28, 2011

fb friends ☺

I hope you all are having a wonderful spiritual growth in the  season of change ( conversion )
 Once again I just wanted to post letting my fb friends know ( as I heard some are posting on my page still ☺ ) that I took time off fb this Lenten season .I am not offline but took the time to focus on my writing projects , which , yes, are online ☺
the reason my writing appears on fb is because I belong to the app. network blogs. My writing is automatically sent to fb . so if you respond to me on fb or send me fb messages I am not being rude by not responding to you , it is because I am not aware you are writing to me ;-)
We are still hanging in there going no meat all lent and we are looking forward very much to celebrating our 27th yr wedding anniversary this coming Laetare Sunday . Officially it is Apr. 1 st but I always like to celebrate it on that Sunday as it was our wedding day as well.
  I do really miss fb but I am getting caught up on my writing projects as was my goal ☺
Thanks so much for prayers .
Love You All

Your first album

I thought this might be a fun idea .
On CBC radio show Vinyl Tap  they had this question what was your first album you purchased for yourself ?
Right away I knew the answer
The Partridge Family album Up to Date !
 I of course had many albums before this one . My mother loved music just as my grandmother did .
 I think her family actually has the rebellious music gene lol
her grandparents were known to be rebellious in the mennonite community of the time because her grandfather wanted to play the fiddle and have his children learn piano.
My grandmother only listened to classical music .My mother's first job as a teen aside from babysitting her little cousins was at in the record dept. of Eaton's downtown store. Not only the record dept. but back then you were assigned certain sections to work in .She yes was placed in the classical section.
Well what a rebl my mother was ! I grew up with her love of folk music . I remember thinking she had a crush on Gordon Lightfoot lol .She loved Joan Biez and Ian & Sylvia . I still have her Stan Rogers album which she bought from his mother I beleive .
It was through my mother I saw Buffy Sainte Marie .
As very young children she would buy us albums and no not those disney records either . some records were all in french , some were cowboy & settler songs .My fav was a single I wanna be a lifegaurd with the flip side being popeye the sailorman which I beleive must've been from this 1936 popeye movie
So yes I had exposure to much good music .However what my mother did not like nor enjoy was rock music of any kind ;-)
 So naturally what did I like ! 
My only exposure to rock music was via my best friend Lynn who was 2 yrs older then me .I remeber her calling me up one day so very excited her older brother had a new record by the beatles ! okay I had no idea who the beatles were lol but if my friend Lynn liked them they must be good. 
So I rushed over to her house as fast as 5 yo legs can run that is !
 I get there and she is holding this single in her hand . She says it is called "Hey Jude " she puts it on the family stero . we listen . okay to a 5 yo me Hey Jude was the most boring song I'd ever heard so far . Even if it was rock it was dumb to a 5yo me . Why on earth did that guy sing the same thing over and over and then the only thing different in the song is he screams it instead of singing !
Nope I much more preferred her mother's Lawrence Welk albums ☺
Okay really I did not hsave much exposure to rock at all except when the bestest show in the world came on ! The Partridge Family !! I loved this show and so much wanted to be a drummer just like Chris !
So when my mother told me she was going to the record store and I could pick out my very own album , my choice , not hers I was thrilled ! I knew I'd pick a Partridge family album but which one . lol the record bins were to high I had to have my Mum help lift each record up for me to see . There was the red album my freinds all had but hey my Mum slowly lifted up this other one .Bright fabulous colours ! I'd never seen anything like it . There they were all the pictures of each family member smiling at me ☺
It was titled Up to Date
 I was so very excited ! Yes, the real Chris was still part of the family ;-)
I brought that album home and played it over and over on our little mini record player .
My fav song Dosne't somebody want to be wanted ( makes sence for me right ☺ )
I didn't stay in the PF stage very long but I always remember how special it was I was given that choice , to pick what I enjoyed at the time .
So what was your first album and the story behind it ?

Of Day Dreams & Pleasant Things

lol now you know why I was debating changing the name on my Natural Catholic blog ! I always mix up posts and post my posts meant for here there and visaversa ☺

Oh what a glorious day ! I awoke to beautiful spring sunshine coming in our windows this morning . Yes we still have snow but the sun is most definately stronger and I can see it in my mind of things to come .
The day dream , Yes !
On days like this I am thinking of seeds to start and lovely laces to put on the tables .
I'm planning what to pack for at the cottage for the upcoming months .
I often like on a day like this to put on some real nice pleasant music .
I inherited many an album when my ex passed away two yrs ago. Albums everyone else said "what ? why ? " not quite knowing who would listen to Dean Martin , Vera Lynn & Yes South Sea Island Magic put out in 1968 by Reader's Digest .
I love the so called Tiki type music and I find it really nice for those pleasant morning type of days  .
I have also been wanting to post a photo of my all time fav dish pattern. I never have had a set of good china .I collect plates & bowls from the thrift stores .Every now and then I find part of a set . I really like having a mish mash of china it lets us have variety and be able to enjoy all types of patterns . However if I ever had the funds I would invest them in searching out and finding the whole set of these dishes!
I was blessed enough to find 8 dinner plates , 4 bread & butter plates and 1 serving bowl.
Oh how I wish I could find a whole set , okay maybe I wish I could have the funds then find the whole set lol.

To me they are just what kind of a pattern a 1930's country homemaker would have !
with the cheery yellow and little wee flowers .

No wonder it is labeled sunshine ☺

This is my Our Lady Guadalupe Chaplet my dear friend Anne made for me . I scanned it as I am going to write about this devotion on my other blog .
I set this beautiful soft hanky behind the chaplet .I believe the kerchief is made of linen . It has the symbols of first holy comminion on it and I am thinking when it is time for my grandson to receive , would this hanky not make such a lovely gift to him ☺

This book is just what I need to bring along to the cottage with me don't you think ;-)
I am planning to spend the next 4 months sewing , picking berries , herbs

Trying the recipes out of Wren Bay the story of making a home
Gae did an awesome right up on this by the way on her blog

I went out for about an hr. at noon to pick up ds15 . The sun is lovely and so inspiring .
As we drove home I as always had on the nostelgia station .Uusally they play just music from the 20's-40's but every now and then in comes a more recent song . Yes!
what a lovely day for a daydream began playing .
 I am still not tired of it being stuck in my head either ;-)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Egg Felting Day with granny ☺

Yes I decided to try the hot water felting today !
I had sent my sil the link to Twig & Toadstools tutorial
She said it worked out great . So I really wanted to try this with my grandson & today was the day !
It did work out wonderfully.
Just a warning , you need use very hot water , which my hardened granny hands can handle but little bitty hands cannot .There is still a ton they can do to partake and what fun it was .
I also urge you to peek at the twig & toadstool site as they have nicer pics then mine in regards to the how too .
I cared my wool first too just to make it easier & fluffy for covering the egg .
So first you cover your plastic or stone  egg in fluffed up wool roving my grandson mr. silly ridiculous loved carding the wool and covering his eggs .

then add some dish soap into the wool

dunk your egg into the extremely hot water . another lady said she uses rubber gloves . I did not .
then lift it out and begin patting it , squishing gently to get water out then dunk again and repeat the patting , squishing .
it will begin to felt up  and I then added other colours of wool and again added more soap and hot water
When I took the egg out of the hot water I'd give it to grandson .he'd roll it on the bamboo sushi mat as suggested in the tutorial. It worked great , so we'd just keep passing the eggs back and forth between us I found two eggs the best amount to work with at one time .
when you think it is ready rinse out the soap . I did this in the sink under hot water
once the soap was rinced out we then plunged them into cold water .
Then squished that water out
we gave them one more roll and placed them in the sunroom to dry out

Is that you granny ?

He is funny & serious all at the same time !
We also write his Mum a letter we shall mail tomorrow & read Where the Wild Things are & Bread & Jam for Frances his fav ☺

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Field Trip ~ What Hoot

We are getting back into the swing of things & that means more feild trips once again with our hs chums ☺
 This field trip was on local owls .
We love owls and we have been blessed not only to observe them outside the city but also within the city .
There has beena horned owl on our street visting over the 8 yrs . He blends in so well into the bark of the trees and dusky sky.
Early this winter ds10 and I were playing outside just after it became dark out . we like to crawl along the back fence as it is sheltered by a row of bush and provides an excellent tunnel & hiding place . We were sitting very still listening to the sounds of the city at night . All of a sudden we heard a hooo hooooo   .We then looked up only to see very dimmly in the night sky an owl and are they ever big when close up and flying . We beleive he was a snowy because he was very white . We are blessed because even though we are downtown we are also near two major rivers . The falcons & other birds of prey migrate and live along these rivers .

We were expecting another snow storm yesterday however it just slipped in under us and hit the Dakotas .Were we ever blessed because that strong spring sun came in so wonderfully and just made the day .
The weather can be very iffy here this time of yr. and today is no exception to that rule .It is once again below 0c and everything froze it would not be a good day for an outdoor venture .
Yesterday was though and did we have fun !

Nice to connect with our hs group again

Adventure Boy still will have a few weeks wearing his fur hat ☺

Wise Owl & his friend were very happy they had each other because this group had a lot of younger kids .

so shall we learn about owls

and feathers

food chain

littel owls

this owl looks like royalty to me in the family of owls

Now this is a wise owl !

talons & skull great grey owl
the instructor told us a story of an inexpereinced zoo worker who went to pick up what he thought was an injured owl and he was very surprised when the owl he reached for grabbed him with talons which went right through his hand ! It took 3 zoo keepers to pry the talons out and the fellow had to have surgery on the hand .

lol this fellow looks to me like he is questioning something

Yes we still have snow

with this weather it is perfect time for snow hill climbing & snow ball throwing

run for cover lol !

the littles all had a great time

no matter how old they are these boys all was partake and help in acivities with the little ones ☺

Adventure bot was thrilled to find these big snow chunks

and even more thrilled my gf Kat was happy to play along ☺
we all had such a great day and slept very well last night ;-)
once again I am so happy we have chosen to homeschool and love the community we are blessed to be a part of .

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hearts for Home ~ March 22nd

Is it the 22nd already ! It will be dh birthday & our wedding anniversary before I know it ! I honestly should begin planning ( perhaps a weekly goal ?)
Today I join the ladies over at Gae's place for our weekly inspiration to help each other Keeping Our Hearts for Home ☺
Please please feel free to join in !
My list for this weeks hearts for home goals are
1) I feel like a wimp or sucky but I am going to say rest again . I still feel slow & sluggish . and Our Lord seems to not be asking us to enter into spring time living just yet we are expecting a major snowfall tonight so I am still in slow winter mode I guess.

2) although rest is much needed I am also going to begin our packing . Nothing heavy duty yet , but I feel I should get all our items which will be needed for over the next several months ready to take out to the cottage . We will drive boxes etc. out and just leave them there so when the temps. do go above 0c we can just move on in and set up house .

3) I would like to have a nice meal planned out for when our ds21 returns home . We have not seen him personally for almost 2 yrs ! it is just not the same over email or telephone I want to hug our ds so very much and I'm going to do just that ☺

4) quiet time , this sort of falls into the rest topic but the quiet time is to be specifically with Our Lord listening to Him. no prayers of my own . Just sit and listen to His response to me .
I feel I have been doing much cleansing , looking at myself , working & wiggling all the uncomfortable stuff out which has been blocking me from Him . I find the relationship with Him just like a relationship here with me dh or children. I may be with God praying / talking all the time but stuff comes in and builds up, sits stagnant and we need to do a good overhaul of things to renew that relationship to keep it working in tip top shape !

5) I want to try and connect with an elderly person . To sit and listen to them speak and be of company to them if possible .I do not know if this will happen this week but it is a plan I feel inspired to seek out . I've often thought it would be wonderful to visit people who are shut in or in a home and have no family and perhaps have a tea , read to them & most of all listen .

Monday, March 21, 2011

Natural Catechism ~ Soul Card Activity

I've been thinking about when to actually sit down and write about the natural catechism and who knows when I'll actually have the time !
Yet this Soul card is an activity in the natural catechism &  when I taught catechism & with our own  children .
We usually make these soul cards nearing All Souls Day but with the topic of souls and the soul friends keep popping up I thought this might be a good time to post this activity .The cards can take several days if not weeks to make depending on how elaborate one wishes to make it.
 At home we use the computer and arts & crafts materials . Depending on age . Older children probably would enjoy the imagery of using computer skills plus while doing so get to also read about the different saints etc.
So what is a soul card exactly ?
A soul card is like a personal prayer card we make for a special friend & loved one either still here on earth or who has passed away. It is basically a prayer card of remembrance and for who's soul we are to pray for . Once made these cards can be placed on the family altar for the day of All Souls .
So how are they made ?
we begin with an old photo or drawing of the loved one we are saying prayers for. the kids can either place this in paintshop program on computer or for little ones a nice big piece of paper is best . Over the months try collecting pictures and things which remind us of that person . Collect prayer cards & pictures of saints you feel are close to that person or who help people in certain situations .Such as ST.Luke for someone who may have cancer or Momma Mary for someone who is in pain or ST.Michael for someone in need of protection . They may have a patron saint you are aware of etc.
 I collect pictures of flowers , trees , animals that person may have been close to . even pictures of food & places are good ideas .
 Feathers and dried flower petals are nice items to add for children to paste on .
Basically we surround the person of images of holy saints , things that bring them happiness etc.
As you help the little children make these discuss the saints & their lives and how we pray to them for intercession etc.
You can plan ahead and take out specific books on these saints beforehand from the library so the children will be really able to identify with that saint when they paste him/her onto the prayer card .
This is a wonderful & beautiful activity not only to remember our loved ones but also encourage learning about & helping our children connect to the saints .
Below are the examples of 2 soul cards I made many yrs ago
You can see the idea , basically I copied and pasted and added in colours etc. I'm sure someone who works with paint program could do a super awesome job of these cards but no matter how new or advanced it is just a fun activity and the result are really nice prayer cards afterwards .
Another idea which I find helpful to the children is to also write a specific prayer on the back of the soul card they have made . 
These cards do not have to just be for your children .They can also make them as gifts for others . If they have a special Gramma , uncle or sister perhaps who has gone off to college etc. They could make a special soul card for them to keep close by for inspiration .

ST.Enda & Anam Cara

After reading the story of ST.Patrick & his Anam Cara Victor who people believe was actually ST.Victor who visited him in his dreams .I felt very called to stay with and learn more from our Celtic saints & read more of Celtic Christianity .
It is said an Anam Cara or soul friend is just that someone who knows us very deeply , our soul .
This can be saints Our Father sends to work with us at specific times , our ancestors of old , & friends here or who may have passed on .
I certainly know a soul friend in my Gramma Grace as a child and also her husband my grandfather who had passed away . We know many saints &  holy people who help guide us and I like to believe & know I can be a soul friend to those I love .
I hope to be a good guide & teacher helping to bring others closer to Him .
For mother's day I think I am going to treat myself to one of these

As usual I read in my fav saint book. There is not a saint listed for every day in this book but it does list the saints monthly and by day . Today was the story of saint Enda . He apparently was a soul friend to many many people . I think a soul friend is in a way like what we call a spiritual director today ☺
I wish you could read the description of this beautiful saint . Saint Enda in the Celtic Christina tradition felt that we all have a place of resurrection here on earth . This is a place where we each one of us connect to God most of all .Where we experience union the greatest I guess. Our own little heaven on earth .
I think for some this could be in a group such as AA being a speaker helping others, look at mother Teresa in Calcutta . Maybe for all its misery because of who she was and her calling she was in most in union with Our Father there .maybe Calcutta was her place of resurrection ?
I know mine is in the forest be it in MX or Canada I feel most at home and with him when there in amongst the trees . For some it may be right upon the water or under it !
As I pray and mediate on the Anam Cara I am to be to others I am thanking God for sending the beautiful soul friends He sent me to help teach me and have brought me closer to Him through themselves ☺
Anam Cara is a beautiful concept I think
Most of all I hope to keep Jesus my most closest Anam Cara ever but when I may be down and wandering , a bit lost I am glad He has sent me those special others who are also my Anam Cara to lead me back .

Spring ~ a Season of Celtic Christianity & Saints

Who would've known where that ST.Patrick would lead us ! lol
We are supposedly in the season of spring but here in our province it is not spring 1 we are expecting yet another winter storm !
 So what can I do to continue entertaining myself & children from entering into complete and utter boredom ?
I so wanted to have an Equinox fire , make bannock & watch that moon . However it has been cloudy & rainy for the last 3 days .

I know OLK    feast day is in August but for whatever reason She always reminds me of her apparitions in Feb. & March. I think it all starts with ST.Brigid ☺

As I mentioned in my post about ST.Patrick's day I felt we should read up on him a bit more . I pulled out our book on Celebrating Irish Festivals  and we read the story of ST.Patrick and the conversation story Oisin the last of the Fianna  .
I think the study of the Celtic Irish is a great idea this lent because it of course was a land that underwent a great conversion / change . Lent is a time of cleansing , renewal , rebirth and I so love new beginnings !

So we are going to read & study and make some crafts about the old Celtic culture with this book

and this one too
and there are a few websites I found too

Of course there are just a ton of books on  Celtic Christian saints !
I am reading about the saints who were of the Roman  culture and those of Celtic  and their differences etc.
There are stories & activities out there so we should have a great time and no problem getting through this shloppy spring weather !

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feast Day ~ ST.Patrick

I began my day in my morning prayer time  reading about ST.Patrick in my fav saint book
For me Celtic Christianity has been a fairly new discovery over the last few yrs . I love it and find it is also much like Aboriginal Christianity . One of my fav blogs that has given me so much information and helped me with this connection is Under The Oak  
So today as we know is the day of Patrick , who I discovered was not actually Irish but Roman Celtic .I also did not know about his soul friend either his Anam Cara 
It is evident I actually knew not much of this saint at all !
Well Thank You God for ST.Patrick because as the day progressed it became clear it should've been the day that should not have been ! Grey clouds , horrid slushy snow yet again . Stalled cars people speeding not slowing down etc. I went to the dollar store for cheap candles and ended up buying everything green . Yes I did ! I bought each of the boys a hat and dh & I each a ridiculous wig . I didn't buy a table cloth but I did by a nice white scarf with shamrocks on it to drape over the table .
I then stopped in to the library to pick up my order and also grabbed several ST.Patrick books .
When I arrived home the boys were thrilled and put on their hats right away .Although I was told " no pictures !" Adventure boy tried panhandling for money with his hat and both he and Wise Owl decided the dogs should wear the wigs for awhile .
It was going pretty good considering I'd not planned anything Irish for the day at all. Remembering that my father's mother was full Irish which for obvious reasons I do not have contact with his side of the family.  I did however also remember her cloverleaf buns ! Why not make those !
What about a dinner ? I was having an Asian week of cooking for lent , that is not Irish . Corned beef & cabbage ? Well I just happened to have an organic beef kubasa for dh in the fridge and 1/2 an old cabbage ! Perfect .
Below are some pics ( non of the boys lol ) of the food and bit of fun we had .

I began by setting the table . We each get to pick a book to read and then give an oral narration of what we learned of ST.Patrick .
That is one of the many Shamrocks of Great Gramma Ateah .I thought it was an appropriate center piece .

This is the very first bloom of the season !

Irish Stew with an Ukrainian twist ;-)

waiting to rise

I sprinkled green sugar on 3 clover leaf buns  for dh & the boys .
One is a 4 leaf clover

When they come out I shine them up with butter

I then placed the 3 buns in the basket & blind folded the boys . The one who picks the 4 leaf clover makes a wish for the 4 leaf clover brings the luck of the Irish does it not ?
Wise Owl won ;-)

Yes Mum likes to be goofy ☺

Dad needed to lighten up , and he did !
what would we do in those grey down days if we did not have the example of others like ST.Patrick to help us along . Today I am ever so grateful for good friends & good saints like Patrick who indeed are our Anam Cara .