Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Sprung !

Yes, Spring is here !
We got out yesterday for a homeschoolers field trip. It is nice to reconnect with our friends and hang out .
The field trip was about water systems but the most fun were these garter snakes. Our province has the huge snake pits but also these snakes make their home throughout the province .

It was nice to get out into the sunshine .
Wiseowl & Adventure boy both have been in much need .

My good friend arrived with her ds who is also good buddies with Wise Owl ☺

the instructor had given each child group a piece of paper saying you have a piece of land near water drawn a sustainable place to live . She then informed us when we were done that it was a river system and we all were neighbours living along the river. The x's marked where we failed in being environmentally friendly , mostly due to having contaminants to close to the water like outhouses etc. She said the kids did really well as some groups have filled up row upon row of x's

We then went off on the trails

we saw nests


then the marsh

this is a result of the Beaver

she had a Beaver skull and explained about the teeth to us. The Beaver have got to cut trees as their teeth never stop growing .The teeth wear down as they gnaw on the wood.
She also told us that if Beaver are to sick to gnaw on wood the teeth keep growing and actually grow curved  into the skull and throat killing the Beaver

Adventure boy found this little froggy on the log

the marsh is so beautiful and yes the Beaver did all the cutting .
It is the best time of year because , no mosquitoes !

after the instruction we stuck around and were the last to leave ☺

Wise Owl of course is in his element and he loves just sitting holding the snakes

he is a big fellow but ever so gentle with the snakes

the family is living under this hay bale ☺

they do get quite big

Adventure boy does not like to touch but just observe ☺

okay the babies are so funny , they poke their heads out of all these little holes in the bale

first one
two lol look how one head is atop the other ☺

they really are beautiful

I am so happy we had the chance to get out and so ever Thankful our children have the experience to really learn and not be consumed with plastic toys etc.
I took a few videos as well of the frogs croaking in the marsh & of the snakes so I'll try and post them below
Enjoy !!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Revived !

Yes , we had our first morning fire since spring began ! It was +18c  yesterday !
 I am enjoying the weather and not thinking about the snow to come . nope .
I had cleaned up the yard the other day so that in the morning we could have our fire . Outdoors is my favourite place to have prayer or mass for that matter ☺
Our swing really took a beating this winter so I'll have to sew a new top for it other wise everything is perfect .
Yep that is my treassured bible & yes it in bound with packing tape lol I will not get a new bible I just love this one so much

we had a wonderful fire

we save all our natural winter decorations and burn them up .usually I do this on the spring equinox but it was far to cold & miserable that day

I have my fav prayer books & Our Lady Guadalupe novena
along with my beautiful mug from Molly ,a beeswax candle & I love that little bell it reminds me of the bells my Gramma always had ☺

This is my all time fav prayer book it is one of Fr.Lovasik

again it like the bible is worn & well loved

I love how the pages are now smudged from my thumbs , it shows how well used and well loved this treassure is

Adventure boy enjoyed warming up

of course there had to be a few dog scuffles

Lizzie is very pushy ! you'd think she'd be kind to someone so little but no she came up and sat right atop poor jojo !
Oh I was so grateful and yes I feel revived after such a long hard winter
amen !

Monday, April 25, 2011

Feasting & Fasting

Hope everyone had a joyful Easter day ☺
We did much feasting and I sure feel I need to fast once again .Lots of herbal teas & yogurt days ahead for us .
Only 5 more sleeps then we are out of here !
I am trying hard to wrap up all my internet photos and such as well as we cancel internet soon .
I quite like our internet fasting and hoping it leads to us not needing it again aside from use at the library .
I thought I'd share a few of our photos from Easter day , which totally turned out very different than planned ☺
I ditched my trifle idea as it was far to expensive but then we made cream puffs as we had all the ingredients on hand .
below are the pics , enjoy

I made this Pascha bread it is basically sweet egg bread with raisens , you can ice it or not .

yes we really are getting out of here ! this is just a pinch of the boxes we've packed

I also made hot cross buns ☺

we had a table full of food including these mozza cheese balls , so good with olive oil , salt & pepper

food & boxes what a life !

I also made tofu pockets again as they were so good the last time

dd25 & her ds4 came over along with thier big doggie Fritz

dh made the first chicken of the season , mmmmm just as good as Mexican chicken ☺

 my fire pit area is really in need of a clean up after that long winter

my mixer broke half way through making cream puff batter ! dh came to the rescue and yes it worked like a charm

cream puff

sliced berries sprikled with a bit of sugar is one of the best cream puff toppings

lol dd was so impressed with her Daddy's invention

there was plenty of activity inbewteen ☺

Yes these look heavenly

they taste divine !
I am thinking to make these for tea parties