Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hearts for Home ~ May 3rd

Once again I am happy to join Gae & friends over on her beautiful homemaking blog
for Hearts for Home each tuesday where we focus on weekly goals to help each other keeping our hearts for home.
It is no secret that Gae's blog is one of my all time favs so I am always happy to partake when I can ☺
1. I have been on the verge of burnout again .This is due to my MCS & allergies this spring season . of course packing , then having our moving postponed and having to unpack etc. also has tried me out . so I am taking this week to only partake in that which is not straining me .

2. in tune with #1 ☺ I am taking time for two people in my life , ds10 and his health , he'd been sick for 3 weeks we were giving him one more day then going off to hospital .That one day worked ! I see how I need to put everything aside in order to keep him healthy .He is on the fringe of being sickly which of course I know all about living with that . so I must give him my time to make sure he is in balance . the other person is our grandson . he is having a very hard time dealing with an abusive adult in his life . I am trying to give him all the granny time he needs ☺ my heart broke when he said he didn't know how to phone me when he is in these bad situations , sorry but I am crying as I write this it breaks my heart . so we had the talk of how granny is always with him etc.

3. blogger clean up !! yes I am doing it !! God gave us an extra week here in the city , which means internet access . so I am going to clean up how many blogs I follow . I follow to many and learned I could not add more because I was over the 300 limit lol

4. finish writing a few more blog posts on miscarriage , allergies etc. I always feel I'll just write this article then I'm done .how silly of me , when on earth is a writer ever done writing ;-)

5. shopping for dog treats and pants for our grandson . I've promised the dogs treats since Easter lol they went all lent without their snackin doos ☺
grandson only has pants with holes in the knees ! his granny is going to fix that !

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Divine Mercy (TRUE LOVE ) & JP II

Are you overwhelmed this weekend ? I am !!
With it being the end of the Divine Mercy novena & the Divine Mercy Sunday plus The Beautification of Pope John Paul II
I really wanted to share our little personal story and connection .
First off I've said before how we are all called to have our own personal devotions so I feel very strongly that we are to share our knowledge of such devotions but not to imply to others that it is their duty to have devotion to the devotions you or I may have . I being a member of the DJM have heard Fr.Pinto wishing for people to practice this devotion of the Divine Mercy .
I however have not yet been called to it . I pray the novena and the chaplet on this day but that is it . It is like the rosary, we are actually not required nor are we asked to all pray the rosary .
I have many devotions including chaplets & the rosary .
So my connection to Pope JP II and the Divine Mercy actually first came via the God Mother of our youngest ds .
I'd never heard of the Divine Mercy until the yr of his baptism in 2001 . She gave me an image and told me the story .My ds Godmother is from Poland ! I still did not feel any connection to the Divine Mercy . I set the photo aside . well that very same yr. my dh aunt who is in her 90's now who is a devote nun and mother superior of The Sisters of the Precious blood sent us a gift to celebrate the birth & baptism of our ds. It was a stand up wooden frame that was hinged and had 3 pictures in it. In the center is the picture of Jesus from the Divine Mercy ! on either side ST.Joseph and Mary .
I set it a top out piano ☺
skip ahead 6 yrs ds is 6 yrs preparing for first communion .We have had to say goodbye to his Godmother as she left the church and her family is in need of much healing .
This is a gift to me to teach catechism this yr. I have both our boys receiving these sacraments ☺
Our church also was going through big changes and many religious items were being tossed out . Many of which were framed prints . I was able to take one of Padre Pio holding the Host and one of Blessed Kateri. I then asked the boys if they each would like to pic one . the eldest chose a picture of ST.Michael and this suits his true devotions ! He is very much called to pray for souls and protect .Next our little ds looked and he is ever so quite , he pointed to , Yes , the Divine Mercy picture ! It suits Him ! The light that radiates from the picture is what we see come from our ds , this pure joy he gives people is such a gift . I have no doubt that this is his true & real devotion ☺
Since I have asked ds to always pray each evening for Jesus to let His Divine Mercy shine upon his Godmother so she may experience conversion once again .
Imagine the roles are reversed ! while I am so very sad she never stayed true to her role as godmother I am ever so proud of the role our ds has taken . So I personally am not called to this devotion yet have also personally been touched by those who are ☺
Yes that is Him ! I always have had such a loving fondness for this Pope .
As I mentioned my ex-friend and Godmother of our ds is also from Poland . She was very anti catholic church when I met her and when I was discovering that I indeed am catholic she was very negative about it. She hated the hierarchy and the power of Rome . Now those who know me also know I struggle with this issue too. However seeing hypocrisy and injustice , wrong choices and trying to help in conversion are very different than just hate felt feelings because the latter will actually keep us away from Our Lord and put up blocks between us and Him .
I spoke to her of how actually each church is responsible for itself now , how every single religion has a leader , different positions , this is true in pagan cultures etc. She began to connect to , you guessed it JPII !!
She helped her dh then take RCIA and he discovered he too is catholic !
There has great sadness though .I of course found it hard not to lay self blame in her regression and her families struggle with dealing in addictions etc.
 Yet no , my proof is I went on to teach catechism and focus on the Eucharist. I cannot control when others say no to Him . I only have control over my own choices .I feel very very strongly that children mimic adults and we are their strongest and truest example .
 So it is imperative I stay with Him ☺
So Pope JP II I saw his role in her conversion which led to others but he also always had a spot in my heart because he reminded me of my grandmother Grace . I guess in a way they both being of European ancestry , but also they were both small and gentle people yet so strong as well. Also my grandmother suffered from and passed away from Parkinson's disease in 1988 . I know that pain . I know how hard it was to see my grandmother suffer and when later on in life JP II had this I saw my grandmother in him .
I also love love how he connected and experienced the grace of union with God in nature .
I love how he taught the young people the catechism in natural surroundings . My grandfather used to do the same thing !
I love how JP II was so uplifted and such a passion for family .
I love that he had such a true devotion to Momma Mary .
The yr. 2000 was an extra special yr. for me as this was the yr. we were married officially . I was received by a the church and Pope JP II introduced the Luminous mysteries of the rosary !
How Blessed are we !
It is of course the yr. we conceived our honeymoon baby Pascal Mateo ;-)
I know we all stray . I know we are all capable of forgetting .I in no way wish to belittle  the godmother of ds . I know the why and have great empathy for her .
I pray she shall return and be able to help her godson instead of not being here .
However what I also know and have proof proof proof of is that that love that True Love
His ever great Divine Mercy is forever present !