Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Reading

I honestly have not had that much time for summer reading this year ! I did have our grandson for close to 5 weeks and did do much child led reading ☺ meaning we read Bread & Jam for Frances and The King's Wish like a zillion times  which is okay with this granny because of course they are my favs too .
Adventure boy was also thrilled when I found him a copy of  guide to raiing pugs .He read it through twice ☺
Wise Owl has been having the time of his life this summer he attended wildress /survival courses as well as courses on the boreal forest .His reading has been mostly on the related topics such as Tom Brown's Tracking books and survival skills . He is also working making his own money opened a bank account too .
so for Mum what have I read thus far

When Sparrow's Fall I really loved this book ! It is the kind of book I do love , that is books about relationship , human struggle & a bit of mystry ☺
It is a book about a homeschool mother who is also recently widowed , her struggle within a controling fundelmentalist church and to break free and deal with secrets etc. really a great read about struggle & growth emrgence from fear that traps us .

Yes it's here  ! I like Dawn and others who wait for the latest from Alice Hoffman & Vampire books I don't follow those books but I await with the same passion for the release of the romantic & surreal books of Sarah Addison Allen etc. I once again loved the book and again it is a book filled with magical mystry & romance .
I must say I love her writing style , I love her characters etc. I do however wish that at times she'd write a book where the main characters are not in their mid to late 20's . I wish although she does have characters of older age always within the books she'd make them the main characters .of course this is because I am older and I've been there and done it for the 20's thing . so heres hoping ☺

Yes I read it ! did I like it , yes & no ! I loved the topic , did not love the writing .
I had no idea what this book was about .I ordered it because ladies on the homeschool list said they liked it . When I ordered it from the library I was # 70 something in line . so it must be good right ? I honestly thought the book was going to be a British theme about serving the wealthy lol . It is a book about the lives of Afro American women and the white women they serve set in the early 60's. About 1/4 through the book I thought " is this book being written by a white woman ?" Although the theme was good what was erking me a bit was the fact that although the characters in the book are fictional they did not seem real .They seemed fakey and although a foctional book is exactly that fiction , made up the characters should seem real , so you become apart of their life . This book did not .Okay I also have to say I'm Canadian not American but I truly kept thinking " would a black woman say that ? really ?" Yes when I looked the author up she is indeed white . there were both good and bad reviews from the fact that a black woman is sueing her tyo the fact that her book is promoted by Oprah . So I think with this book it is a hit and miss. I would not tell people to not read it , I think the theme makes us all think and the outcome is good purpose & intention . was it well written no .

I am once again going to read this book ! I love it ! It is believeable and real true fiction that draws you into the lives of the characters .
I'm late for the dentist so I have to go. But I've reviewed this book already in another post anyway .
Yes read it , the book is awesome stays with you and a great summer read
enjoy !