Saturday, January 28, 2012

Candlemas Candles

I felt so blessed today as our dd 25 called to see if our grandson mr.silly ridiculous could come over .
My answer , YES !
We only had a few hrs. so what to do . he also had a cough developing so our thought of going out of town was not going to happen .
Well we are also having him next weekend so his Mum can go curling , so I decided just to fit in one of those activities in today .
Lol I always over plan activities with him so I know this would work out well .
I planned to make Candles with him for our Candlemas celebration and dd dedication to ST.Brigid & Danu
I actually was quite surprised at how lovely they turned out .
I of course forgot to take photos of our fun until we were all finished !

First off I had him go through granny's apothecary cupboards and chose the herbs, flowers and trees he felt his Mum would like .

I had gone to the bee store to purchase the beeswax sheets earlier in the week

Is this not so pretty the shadow of the plants on the wax sheeting 

We crushed a mixture of the plants he chose and we dusted the sheet with this mix .Then we placed the wicking on the end closest to our side of the wax sheet .You just have to press it in and your hands warm the wax so the wick just stays in place . You then just continue to roll up the wax with the herbs inside .

Once the candle was all rolled up we sprinkled just flower petals on the table and rolled our candle in them .As your hands warm the candle the flowers stick to it .

Again they just turned out so pretty I think his Mum will be happy ☺

When we were all done he still wanted to play and he discovered his uncle's volcano project .


Wendy.B said...

awww Bless.. precious times and precious gifts

Anonymous said...

I love this candle making with kids. I have never made a candle however I have a 7 year old grandchild that is ADHD - I think this would be a prefect project for him. Thanks Etain

Stacy Evans said...

That's lovely. Your grandson is a cutie!

When you mentioned curling, I just knew you had to be from Canada - I checked, and sure enough! Lovely to "meet" another Pagan blogger from Canada. ♥