Monday, February 13, 2012

Spiritual learning ~ little ones

It is no secret I love teaching children Spiritual practices .
I am so blessed I have had the chance to teach our own , children of others via catechism etc. and now our own beautiful little grandson !
He loves to speak of magic and the creator so much ! He loves creating with his granny .
I am beginning to make a prayer book or BOL with him .
this is similar to Emily Dickison's Herbarium  with a spiritual twist .
A book where he can paste in plants and write down his special prayers for his intentions .
So this past weekend he helped me make a special candle for his Mum
Something I'd meant to do two weeks ago but hey , everything happens when the time is just right .
So the photo above is grandson mixing the combo of items we chose .

we then took a candle and inscribed it with symbols

he liked this part . bathing the candle

we then placed the candle with the corn dollie and god's eye on the altar .
I think this is more the right timing because apparently Feb12th was Brede's day not Feb.2 nd .
anyway we had fun and this went really well with our conversation earlier in the day .That is how we learn all the time . He attends daycare and school and wondered how people learn if they don't go to school ;-)
His granny taught him well I think ♥

Rain Stick Activity

I finally got to make the rain sticks with mr. silly ridiculous the other day when he came over !
there were several ways to make online but I chose the one at Enchanted Learning
Can You believe I am now using that site for my grandchild !! 

So both the boys each painted an old paper towel tube . I really wanted to use the holiday wrap tubes but good luck from saving those from sword fights lol

Then big Uncle decided he needed the carders . No I said they are fun but we do not need wool for this activity lol

Now it did call for aluminum foil which I did not have . So I cut up aluminum pie plates to crinkle up . However they can be sharp so I did not let grandson do this . He traced the rainstick tops onto brown paper

They were already to fill .Top of one end of stick with paper or like we did cut fabric circles and attach with rubber bands . Much easier than waiting for glue to dry .  Places strips of foil inside stick then add the bits of rain ☺ We used rice , red lentils & navy bean .

Then just top off the other end and they are ready !

He gave one of the sticks that Uncle made to his bigger brother ♥