Monday, February 13, 2012

Spiritual learning ~ little ones

It is no secret I love teaching children Spiritual practices .
I am so blessed I have had the chance to teach our own , children of others via catechism etc. and now our own beautiful little grandson !
He loves to speak of magic and the creator so much ! He loves creating with his granny .
I am beginning to make a prayer book or BOL with him .
this is similar to Emily Dickison's Herbarium  with a spiritual twist .
A book where he can paste in plants and write down his special prayers for his intentions .
So this past weekend he helped me make a special candle for his Mum
Something I'd meant to do two weeks ago but hey , everything happens when the time is just right .
So the photo above is grandson mixing the combo of items we chose .

we then took a candle and inscribed it with symbols

he liked this part . bathing the candle

we then placed the candle with the corn dollie and god's eye on the altar .
I think this is more the right timing because apparently Feb12th was Brede's day not Feb.2 nd .
anyway we had fun and this went really well with our conversation earlier in the day .That is how we learn all the time . He attends daycare and school and wondered how people learn if they don't go to school ;-)
His granny taught him well I think ♥

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Melodie said...

What a wonderful time for you and your grandson!