Term I 7 - 9 yrs

At this age as we know children can be very mature intellectually yet also very very delicate and we must be wise in our choice & selection of reading material .
 I say this because for example fairy tales some of which can be quite , dare I say grim ;-)
 may still in fact be to upsetting for the gentle soul .
 So I advize to just be cautious upon our selections in this age range .
I had personally forgotten how gruesome some of those fairy tales were until I pre-read a few of them .
However I must say I was read all those fairy tales as a child and they did not scare me in the least ☺
I loved Thumbilina & Rapunzel best of all and who could forget tales of Puss in Boots & the Pied Piper !!
 I have got to say if I have a fav age in childhood that I love to spend with children it is this age !
 Of course I love all ages as I love being with kids ! However the ages 6-9 in there are just so magical. The will is often not fighting so much for independence yet either ☺
 The imagination grows and expands adding on that feature where the light bulb goes on above the head and we get the wow factor .
 Like I said before there are now so many blogs & websites out there that off list after list , huge descriptions of how to do it all .
 I just will offer a little pice because we all are perfectly capable of going out there and finding what is best for our families ☺

The D'Aulaire Collection ( this will also be listed in the history section )
Cricket Magezine ( if you can find copies from the 70's & 80's these are the best )    

Little House on The Prairie ( this is and can be a little mature in some episodes so it is best to watch with children )