Natural History & Seasonal Learning

I have finally begun to do my catch up writing on my blog pages !

How could I not have gotten this page done earlier ? My goodness I put things off .

Again the best way to get to know our Natural History is to get up and into it !
Every home should be without a few good reference books , field guides and supplies to take out on nature walks .
Teach our children how to touch gently , observe quietly and walk softly on Mother earth is very important .

I feel the early years are the most important times to help people to be comfrtable within our natural world .
Phobias of insects and wildlife abound in our adult world . Children are open to welcome new expereince and to learn to be caustious & respectful rather than develope fears which may inhibit us from enjoying what has been given .

First off I would suggest reading a few homeschool websites and blogs people have about what nature study is , how to incorporate this into your life get some ideas for books , supplies etc.
This is both a good idea for homeschoolers and non homeschoolers .