Term O infant - 6 yrs

The education and growth of our children begins with conception .
 I truly beleive that ☺
 This is why it is so important to give from the beginning . A love & exposure to our children that which is healthy . That which will like the perigrine falcon imprint from the beginning .
 I feel it a great need to expose the child to that which is of the natural world as soon as possible .
 I love how in many cultures new babes get much fresh air as possible .
 I feel during pregnancy & shortly after birth it is important to expose our children to healthy music , diet , cultural choices .
 seek out like minded parents while pregant .Those who are following in a lifestyle which will fit into yours as yours thiers .
 Spend time as parents together while pregant and with your newborn child . read aloud and read silently .
 Keep your children close . touch is ever so important .
 create cozy , comfy as well as inspiring learning spaces.
 Let your children partake in preparing meals , helping with laundry , shoveling snow , etc.
Have your child walk in nature , the out of doors as much as possible .
Create an outdoor kitchen using old supplies found at the second hand . Purchase old clothing , such as dresses , shoes , hats & costume jewlery and make a dressup bag or trunk .
 Have art supplies on hand the more natural the better ☺
 Create play gorups , take yoga together , ask from the start that relatives wishing to give gifts during the brthdays or celebrations that they make these gifts as natural as possible . Memerships to museums & visits to art galleries, theater ( not movie theaters either ! )& the zoo make the most appropriate gifts .
From early on wheile pregnant with my first child . I was only 17 but I knew she would only have natural toys to play with . I took time to make her hand made items from old wooden thread spools and natually made blcoks , I made my own version of a touch book inspired by pat the bunny having a good selection of music was a must ☺
She loved to draw & dress up from the start .
 There are so many many wonderful books and book lists out there but I will try and list a few that have been family favs for this age group from the start and some books passed on thru the generations as well ☺
 When reading to children always always remember to also read the name of the author & illustrator just as you would read the title of the book .
 As Your child gets older you may also choose to show them the inside printing date etc.

I am not one who is big on board books so we only had a few .

A Few lovely Picture Books much Loved
The Quilt    
( I know some label these twaddle but kids love em and I was one of those kids so excuse my weakness , I love George ! ) 

A Few DVD Titles         


Websites for Kids
( again remember we are to always be with our children while they are online ! )